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Juedi (Mount)

Juedi (Mount) Icon.pngJuedi (Mount)Flying Mount 
Its ancient Doman name loosely translating to “ludicrously swift steed that runs so fast its feet no longer touch the ground,” Juedi is yet another horse of legend, showered with geomantic magicks to grant the creature the gift of flight.
Juedi (Mount) Patch.png

How mightily he must have toiled to become a horse...
- Haurchefant

Acquisition: Have all 4 Empyrean Accessories (or 4 Empyrean Reliquaries) in your inventory and speak with Cast-off Confederate in Crick.
Requires: Juedi Horn
Movement: Terrestrial (Flying)
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You can receive an Empyrean Reliquary after beating Heaven-on-High's top floor. You can also speak to the Cast-off Confederate to receive an Empyrean Accessory after beating Heaven-on-High's top floor.