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Kamuy of the Nine Tails (Mount)

Kamuy of the Nine Tails (Mount) Icon.pngKamuy of the Nine Tails (Mount)Flying Mount 
Only an individual who has proven his worth by taming no less than seven kamuy might summon this fabled vulpine auspice from her burrow in the heavens. Despite obvious similarities to the other vulpine auspice, Kyubi of the Nine Tails, this ageless vixen has her own storied history...which is, sadly, too long to list here.
Kamuy of the Nine Tails (Mount) Patch.png

Most revered among the kamuy, Kyubi is come!
- The Wandering Minstrel

Acquisition: Collect every "Stormblood" Extreme primal mount, and complete the A Lone Wolf No More sidequest that unlocks.
Requires: Fabled Kamuy Fife
Movement: Terrestrial (Flying)
Prelude - Long March Home
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