Knights of the Barracuda

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The Knights of the Barracuda were the navy of the city-state of Limsa Lominsa. While they initially preserved a separate command structure, the Barracudas were completely integrated into the Maelstrom following the Seventh Umbral Calamity. The Yellowjackets, once infantry of the Barracuda, have since been granted independence that they might keep the peace throughout Lominsan territory. Only five of the original nine Barracuda squadrons remain active today, as part of the Crimson Fleet.
1st Squadron: Galadion Bay
5th Levy
Open recruitment of adventurers into this unit possibly halted after the destruction of the 5th Levy, including their commander and the Seal Rock Provisional Unit, at the hands of the Sahagin, as Isaudorel finds the idea of anyone being recommended to it odd in 1572.
8th Levy
Had a reputation for accepting just about anyone in 1572.
2nd Squadron: Bloodbrine Sea
3rd Squadron: Strait of Merlthor
4th Squadron: Indigo Deep
5th Squadron: Sea of Ash
6th Squadron: The Cieldalaes
7th Squadron: Bianaq
8th Squadron: Clearwater
9th Squadron: Sea of Jade

Each squadron contains a host of numbered Levies, some of which are better known by their nicknames.

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