La Noscean Leek Seeds

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La Noscean Leek Seeds
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La Noscean leek seeds suitable for garden cultivation.
Level 1
Item Level 55
Statistics & Bonuses:
Repairs, Recycle & Style:
Stack Size 999
Sells for Gil Icon.png x 1
Noconverticon.png Nodyeicon.png Nocresticon.png Noprojectableicon.png Nodesynthesizableicon.png Nostorableicon.png Nocollectableicon.png
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Gardening Result - Intercrossing
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Popoto SetDualGreenArrow.pngDzemael Tomato Seeds
Wizard Eggplant SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngAlmond Seeds
Prickly Pineapple SeedsDualGreenArrow.pngDzemael Tomato Seeds
Mandrake SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngLa Noscean Leek Seeds
Midland Cabbage SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngMidland Basil Seeds
Mandrake SeedsDualGreenArrow.pngChive Seeds
Wizard Eggplant SeedsDualGreenArrow.pngCloudsbreath Seeds
Wizard Eggplant SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngCoerthan Tea Seeds
Royal Fern SoriDualGreenArrow.pngCoerthan Carrot Seeds
Pearl Sprout SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngMandrake Seeds
Royal Fern SoriDualGreenArrow.pngOlive Seeds
Sun Lemon SeedsDualGreenArrow.pngRoyal Fern Sori
Pearl Sprout SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngCoerthan Tea Seeds
Eggplant Knight SeedsDualGreenArrow.pngDzemael Tomato Seeds
Mandrake SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngDzemael Tomato Seeds
Dalamud Popoto SetRightGreenArrow.pngKrakka Root Seeds
Prickly Pineapple SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngPearl Sprout Seeds
Pearl Sprout SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngAzeyma Rose Seeds
Royal Fern SoriDualYellowArrow.pngAla Mhigan Mustard Seeds
Cloudsbreath SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngAlmond Seeds
Pearl Sprout SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngApricot Kernels
Chive SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngBlood Currant Seeds
Royal Fern SoriDualYellowArrow.pngBlood Currant Seeds
Royal Fern SoriDualYellowArrow.pngChamomile Seeds
Pearl Sprout SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngJute Seeds
Royal Fern SoriDualYellowArrow.pngPearl Ginger Root
Royal Fern SoriDualYellowArrow.pngRolanberry Seeds
Coerthan Tea SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngChive Seeds
Pearl Sprout SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngCloudsbreath Seeds
La Noscean Leek SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngGlazenut Seeds
Chive SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngAzeyma Rose Seeds
Halone Gerbera SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngChive Seeds
Dalamud Popoto SetDualYellowArrow.pngCloudsbreath Seeds
Dzemael Tomato SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngCloudsbreath Seeds
Royal Fern SoriRightGreenArrow.pngPaprika Seeds
Dzemael Tomato SeedsRightYellowArrow.pngAlmond Seeds
Eggplant Knight SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngChive Seeds
Jute SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngChive Seeds
Umbrella Fig SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngChive Seeds
Royal Fern SoriDualYellowArrow.pngCuriel Root Seeds
Onion Prince SeedsRightGreenArrow.pngDzemael Tomato Seeds
Sylkis Bud SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngRoyal Fern Sori
Pahsana Fruit SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngBlood Pepper Seeds
Cloudsbreath SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngChive Seeds
Blood Pepper SeedsRightYellowArrow.pngBlood Currant Seeds
Chive SeedsDualYellowArrow.pngBroombush Seeds
Royal Fern SoriRightYellowArrow.pngPixie Plum Seeds
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Used in Gardening-Intercrossing
Chive Seeds Icon.png Chive Seeds
Dzemael Tomato Seeds Icon.png Dzemael Tomato Seeds
La Noscean Leek Seeds Icon.png La Noscean Leek Seeds
Midland Cabbage Seeds Icon.png Midland Cabbage Seeds
Prickly Pineapple Seeds Icon.png Prickly Pineapple Seeds
Royal Kukuru Seeds Icon.png Royal Kukuru Seeds
Sylkis Bud Seeds Icon.png Sylkis Bud Seeds
Tomato King Seeds Icon.png Tomato King Seeds
Used in Gardening-Growing
La Noscean Leek Icon.png La Noscean Leek

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