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Laying the Past to Rest

Featurequest1 Icon.png Lv. 88   Laying the Past to Rest

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Blasphemy Hunter: The Lochs - The Ala Mhigan Quarter (x:36.3, y:31.7)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: The Ala Mhigan Quarter

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071341.png87A New BattlegroundFeaturequest1 Icon.png A New Battleground (Level 87)

Healer Icon 1.png Healer (excluding limited jobs) (Level 88)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Arenvald wishes to put your considerable reputation to good use.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Speak with Arenvald.
  • Deliver an invitation to M'rahz Nunh in the Peering Stones.
  • Deliver an invitation to Sarisha in Vira Nilya.
  • Speak with Arenvald in the Ala Mhigan Quarter.
  • Speak with the Royal Palace guard.
  • Speak with Raubahn.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071341.png89Trail of SkullsFeaturequest1 Icon.png Trail of Skulls (Level 89)

  • Arenvald wishes to put your considerable reputation to good use.
  • The blasphemy hunter informs you that Arenvald's preparations for the memorial ceremony proceed apace. You have been called to assist in the delivery of invitations to an explanatory meeting, despite you being somewhat overqualified for such an endeavor.
  • Arenvald has delivered most of the aforementioned invitations, leaving only M'rahz Nunh and Sarisha, leaders of communities located in the Fringes with whom you are acquainted. Although there is a strong chance they will refuse to attend a ceremony that involves mourning the deaths of Ala Mhigans branded traitors, Arenvald believes your presence might tip the scales. In addition to the basic details of the invitations themselves, he has also provided a brief but heartfelt treatise. Even should his offer be declined, the invitees will at least comprehend his reasons for hosting the event.
  • M'rahz Nunh and Sarisha both have serious reservations regarding the ceremony, and initially had their minds set on refusing the invitation. However, upon reading Arenvald's letter, they reconsider the proposal, and finally agree to attend. In addition, each states their eagerness to meet the author of the letter, which appears to have had a profound effect on them.
  • Arenvald is delighted to hear that you have succeeded in persuading the two village leaders to join the explanatory meeting. With most of the preparations in order, he asks that you go on ahead to the Royal Palace and wait for the other guests to arrive.
  • Now that delegates from each of the Ala Mhigan communities have arrived in the Royal Palace, Raganfrid opens the proceedings. Several guests are quick to voice their objections to the memorial ceremony, and for a few moments, it seems that the differences of opinion may be irreconcilable after all. Raubahn cuts through the din of bickering voices to state his intent, which goes some way to easing the tension in the room, though a few remain unconvinced. It is then that Arenvald takes the floor, delivering an impassioned speech which seems to have won over the naysayers. The discussion then turns from the “why” of the ceremony to the “how” as they set about deciding the finer details of the event.
  • Raubahn is heartened by the outcome of the meeting, and is cautiously optimistic that Arenvald will make a success of the memorial ceremony. He also explains that Fordola's presence has been requested in Ala Gannha, where she is to meet the girl she had previously saved, and the child's mother.
※The next role quest will be available from the blasphemy hunter upon reaching level 89 in any healer class.

There you are, Forename. Commander Aldynn has asked me to convey to you the following information.

At present, we are looking into reports of missing relatives of the Crania Lupi. With the cooperation of the Silver Griffins, we're currently searching for any clues as to their whereabouts.

Thanks to the concerted efforts of Raganfrid and the others, the general public has been willing to cooperate with our investigation. Though many still harbor feelings of distrust for the collaborators and their kin, they've grown more receptive to our cause on the whole.

Arenvald's been making steady progress in preparing for the memorial ceremony. He plans to host a meeting between the various community leaders to go over the finer details.

In fact, he was wondering whether you could assist in delivering the invitations. If you can spare the time, you should be able to find him in the mercantile district.

Anyway, that's all for now. I've a few other matters to attend to, so if you'll excuse me, duty calls!
Quest Accepted

Thanks for coming. It should come as no surprise that planning a memorial ceremony for a whole bloody nation would keep a man busy, but by Rhalgr, this is something else!

The hardest part's been gathering information on those who died in the war, especially when it comes to the Skulls and other conscripts. And they're the ones we need to treat most carefully.

If we don't acknowledge the crimes of our kin in all their painful truth, then we do a disservice to their victims living and dead. But if we let people paint them as monsters who did monstrous things─things we believe we would never do─then we perpetuate a different but no less dangerous lie.

As for preparing the event itself, I'll be holding a meeting with members from each of the settlements around Gyr Abania. I've sent invitations to most of them already, but I was hoping you'd help me with the last two.

There's M'rahz Nunh in the Peering Stones and Sarisha in Vira Nilya. I'll give you one for each.

To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if they refused, considering how their people suffered at the hands of the Skulls. But I hope we can remind them that deep down, we're all just people trying to survive, to protect our loved ones.

We may have driven the Empire from our lands, but as long as we hold fast to the grudges born of their attempts to divide and set us against one another, we'll never be free of their legacy of cruelty.

With that in mind, I've included an account of my experiences with the Silver Griffins and the people I've met. Victims, collaborators, their friends and their family─men and women who lived through at all. Survivors.

Even if they refuse to join the ceremony, at least they will know─and hopefully understand─our reasons for holding the event.

Granted, I've not had much practice in writing important letters, but I think they'll get the message. You being the one to deliver them will make a world of difference, I'm sure. Take care, won't you?

If M'rahz Nunh and Sarisha end up refusing the invitation, it'll be no fault of yours. At the very least, you'll have a chance to hear their thoughts on the matter.
Ah, Forename. What a rare treat this is. Had I known you were coming, I would've prepared a feast!
Greetings, friend. It has been too long since last we spoke. What brings you to my village?
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.

So the rumors are true... I need not read this letter in full to know its contents.

I understand that Raganfrid's volunteers are working to support the families of those lost in the war, which few will deny is a worthy cause. But to include the relatives of the Crania Lupi?

The Skulls watched the Empire slay us in our thousands and still they turned their cloaks and fought for our oppressors. And you would ask us to mourn the deaths of these curs alongside their victims?
What will you say?
I ask only that you read the rest of the letter. You have every right to be angry and to refuse. Arenvald wishes only that you read his account before coming to a decision.

...To dismiss it out of hand would be discourteous. Very well.


As nunh, my tribe is my family, and I know all too well the responsibility that brings. I would do anything to protect them. Anything.

Loyalty, pride...conscience. My very soul. All are meaningless if I cannot ensure the safety of those I love. I suspected some Skulls had been faced with the selfsame choice, but to see how their kin suffered, I...I cannot say I do not understand. Though I wish that I did not.

Their crimes will never be forgiven. They cannot be. But I, and any others who are willing, can offer our prayers for these tortured souls and the men they could have been.

I accept the invitation. Not on behalf of the M tribe, but as M'rahz Nunh─though I will put the question to my people that they may decide for themselves.

I am also eager to make the acquaintance of the person who wrote this letter. He is not wont to turn a blind eye to the bitter truth─painful though it is to confront. The meeting will be the perfect opportunity to take his measure.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
I will convey your friend's intent to the rest of the tribe before attending the memorial ceremony. Those who cannot support it will not interfere. You have my word.
With all the recent trouble, the towns and villages we once thought safe are fraught with danger. Please, keep your senses keen wherever you go.
Welcome. To what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.

Then it is as I sssuspected...

There have been rumors that sssuch a ceremony would take place. Although you have traveled far to make this invitation, I must decline. We cannot mourn the loss of the fallen if the Crania Lupi are to be counted among them.

Like the Qalyana, they chose to aid the Garlean oppresssors, killing and bleeding for those who would pillage our lands. Cowards and traitors all.

And are we to asssume that Qalyana who died fighting for the Empire will be honored as well? If so, that is all the more reason for usss to refuse.
What will you say?
That is your right, and no one will say otherwise. I come only to present a letter and ask that you read it in full. Arenvald understands and accepts that you might refuse. His only request was that you read his account and then decide.

If you insssist...


No one was spared suffering in the occupation. Not the Resistance, not the collaborators, not the families of both─no one.

That so many would die in shame and ignominy, having sssold their sssouls only to lose a tragedy. And a lesson.

If they are forgotten, then the lessson of their folly is forgotten. For the sssake of this land we call home, I will join you in remembrance, and implore my people to do the same.

In mourning may we strengthen our ties with our neighbors as well. By together facing our past we can build a foundation for lasting peace and prosssperity.

It would be my honor to attend the proposed meeting, and I look forward to persssonally thanking your friend Arenvald for his dedication. I and my peers have much to learn from the example he has set.
Would I be correct in guessing your friend does not often ssscribe such letters? I could not help but notice he had foregone the usual platitudes and fanciful phrasing. His directnesss was most refreshing.

So, how did you fare in the Fringes?

They said that about me!? It's rare for me to get such glowing praise, especially from renowned leaders like Sarisha and M'rahz Nunh!

More importantly, though, they agreed to attend the meeting, and I've got you to thank for that. After all, I imagine it's hard to turn down an invitation when it's hand-delivered by the Warrior of Light himself!

Before I get ahead of myself, though, I must remember that this is only the beginning. Bringing everyone together is one thing. Coming to an agreement on an extremely divisive issue is a different kettle of fish entirely, as Her Grace was quick to point out.

But as she's taught me, if our cause is just and our hearts are true, those of like mind will surely answer the call.

And answer it they have. While there are bound to be differences of opinion, I'm sure there's nothing we can't overcome if we put our minds to it.

To that end, I was hoping you could join us, if you've the time to spare. There are still a few loose ends Raganfrid and I need to tie up beforehand, so we'll meet you in the palace as soon as we can. Just having you there will make a world of difference!

Once we've got everything in order, Raganfrid and I will meet you in the palace.
Here for the meeting, yes?
Enter the Royal Palace?
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.

...So while we all agree upon the importance of the ceremony, we recognize that the inclusion of the Crania Lupi will be distressing for many. I too lost family at their hands, and I would never ask others to forgive and forget.

But for all their crimes, they were Ala Mhigans, just like us. None made the decision to side with Garlemald lightly.
They had a choice, and they chose to betray us!
Who among us have not made difficult choices for kith and kin? And do not forget that Fordola chose to stand between us and a primal.
What does that have to do with it!?

Brothers and sisters. Arguing will avail us naught.

The fate of Ala Mhigo rests on my shoulders and yours. On those of every man, woman, and child that calls these lands home.

To uphold our honor. To strive for prosperity. To protect our loved ones. We all know the weight of these responsibilities. 'Twas that selfsame weight which drove many of our people to serve our oppressors, misguided as it was.

And though they chose a different, unconscionable path, in the end, we all wanted the same thing. To deliver our families from persecution, that they might live to see one more day. Because another day in shame and self-hatred was still better than none at all.

The regretful dead are survived by their despair─a despair which threatens to drag us all into an abyss from where there is no escape. Know that it surely will if we welcome it into our hearts out of disdain for those we cannot forgive.

But we Ala Mhigans will not be so easily defeated. We will stand united and conquer this menace!

Every Ala Mhigan who fought and died did so in the hopes that one day, we would be free.

And we are free. We are free. By the blood of our fallen brothers and sisters, we are free.

Free to lock away the pain and pretend it has no power over us, until it festers and takes us in our beds... And free to lay it bare and let it breathe. To acknowledge and to mourn our people at their best...and their worst.

The past is ours to bear─all of it. For ourselves, and for future generations, so that they needn't suffer like we did.

Let us make Ala Mhigo a nation where no man is left behind. Where he can make all the wrong choices, and still be afforded the chance to make a right one.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
We see a lot of important people coming and going around here. Even though I should be used to it by now, I can't help feeling nervous!

That went better than any of us could've hoped for. You have my gratitude for your part in the proceedings, but we both know who the real hero of the day was.

This was all Arenvald's idea, and it was his words that finally won over the naysayers. Now that we have the community leaders on our side, we should have a much easier time convincing the rest of the citizenry.

Of course, holding the ceremony is by no means our final objective. No matter what we say, some will refuse to attend. It is my hope, however, that it will still serve to provide a measure of closure for us all, and to ease the plight of the vulnerable and ostracized.

Speaking of which... You will recall the incident with Fordola in Ala Gannha. The young girl she saved and her mother wished to thank her personally. Considering what happened last time, though, I have reservations...

It would be a valuable opportunity to present a former Skull in a more positive light. On the other hand, I don't need to tell you how unpredictable she can be─and that's before taking her Echo into consideration. But that's a conversation for another day. Go and get some rest. You've earned it.
Quest Completed
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