Life, Materia and Everything (Book)

Chapter I - Creating Materia[edit]

Materia is a synthetic stone created from equipment which shares a complete spiritbond with its owner.

Section I - The Procedure[edit]

In order to transform a piece of gear into materia, you must first examine the candidate item inside your inventory. You will then be presented with the option to create materia from it.

Section II - Item Suitability[edit]

Only equipment with which you have formed a complete spiritbond can be made into materia. Please note, however, that certain items are unsuitable for conversion, regardless of whether you have or have not formed such a bond. Behold the fickle nature of inanimate objects.

Section III - Resultant Materia[edit]

The transformation of equipment into materia is irreversible─once the process has been initiated, you will never see the item in question again, let alone equip it. Readers will be relieved to know, however, that no recorded attempt to create materia has ever resulted in failure (at the time of printing), save for when the candidate items did not fulfill all the requirements. The type and level of the chosen item combine to determine the properties of the resultant materia. However, the selfsame equipment has been observed to yield materia of varying effects and potency. This variation has yet to be fully explained, though certain trends have been discerned.

Section IV - Spiritbonds[edit]

A spiritbond is the measure of a piece of equipment's aetheric alignment with a living being─in other words, the degree of intimacy between object and man. Once a complete spiritbond is formed, the item in question can be transformed into materia, a synthetic stone capable of housing myriad powers. To view the strength of an item's spiritbond, simply examine it inside your inventory. A gauge will appear which indicates the progress you have made towards forming a full spiritbond.

Section V - Forming a Spiritbond[edit]

An item's spiritbond increases as you battle, craft, or gather while equipped with it. Please note, however, that the development of the bond will be inhibited if the item's optimal rank is above your own, or when its Condition falls to zero.※ The mechanism by which inanimate objects impose conditions upon the formation of spiritbonds is the subject of a separate study.

Section VI - Breaking a Spiritbond[edit]

Relinquishing an item, be it via trading or selling, renders its spiritbond dissolved, much as betrayal leads to shattered trust.※ The mechanism by which inanimate objects sense, or appear to sense, changes in ownership is the subject of a separate study.

Chapter II - Catalysts[edit]

Melding materia to equipment requires a special substance known as a catalyst. Catalysts occur in nature, and can be found and gathered by Disciples of the Land.

Section I - Procuring Catalysts[edit]

Catalysts can only be gathered by Disciples of the Land for whom the “Fingerprints of the Gods” ability is active. This ability enables the detection of catalysts which would otherwise go unnoticed by even the keen of eye. When the ability is triggered during gathering, the Aim Gauge will light up, indicating that you are capable of detecting catalysts. Should a catalyst be present at the gathering point, the Approach Gauge will begin to blink.

Section II - Types of Catalysts[edit]

There exist various kinds of catalysts, with the gathering point and grade thereof determining the type yielded.

Chapter III - Melding Materia[edit]

The melding of materia to equipment falls within the domain of Disciples of the Hand.

Section I - Required Ingredients[edit]

Melding a piece of materia to an item of equipment cannot be achieved via conventional means─a compatible catalyst is required. Catalysts serve to stabilize materia, allowing them to merge with host items.※ Catalysts are consumed during the melding process. Not all catalysts are suitable for use with all materia. Similarly, specific materia can only be attached to certain types of equipment.※ The mechanism by which materia appears to select or reject its mate is the subject of a separate study.

Section II - The Melding Process[edit]

The melding of materia is a delicate procedure that demands the expertise of Disciples of the Hand─and only those who fulfill the class and level requirements for crafting the host item. The requirements for melding, such as minimum class level and compatible equipment and catalysts, can be reviewed by examining individual pieces of materia inside your inventory. In order to attach a piece of materia to an item of equipment, begin by examining the latter inside your inventory. When you do so, you will be presented with the option to choose materia. Selecting this option will bring up a list of materia currently in your possession. Choose the piece of materia you wish to attach, and then select Meld. Doing so will activate the materia melder and initiate the melding process.

Section IV - Purging Materia[edit]

It is possible to have your equipment purged of materia. To do so, simply speak to Mutamix Bubblypots and pay the requisite fee in gil. Be fairly warned, however, that the process strips equipment of all materia. Selective purging is not possible. Furthermore, any purged materia will be permanently lost.※ The Carriers of the Cauldron will not be held responsible for any loss or regret resulting from poor judgment on the part of the patron.