Like Clutchfather, Like Son

Sidequest1 Icon.png Lv. 48   Like Clutchfather, Like Son
Like Clutchfather, Like Son Image.png
Rewardsicon.png Rewards
XP Gil
Expicon.png13,965 Gil Icon.png776
Informationicon.png Description
Novv is clearly agitated by a recent development concerning the Coral Tridents.
Objectivesicon.png Objectives
  • Speak with Falkbryda at Camp Skull Valley.
  • Speak with Novv at Novv's Nursery.
  • Search the Serpent's Tongue for a clue to Councillor Turstin's whereabouts.
  • Deliver the ale-stained parchment to Novv at Novv's Nursery.
  • Speak with Pahh.
  • Defeat enemies aboard the ship, and obtain the manacle key from the Coral Sahagin.
  • Use the manacle key to free Turstin.
  • Speak with Turstin in Aleport.
  • Deliver the gull feather trinket to Novv at Novv's Nursery.
  • Report to R'ashaht Rhiki at Maelstrom Command.
Issuing NPC: Novv
Western La Noscea -Halfstone -Novv's Nursery (16-22)
Type: Sahagin Quest
Misc Reward: Unlocks Trusted Novv's Nursery reputation.
Unlocks: Call of the Wild (Immortal Flames)Sidequest1 Icon.png
Call of the Wild (Maelstrom)Sidequest1 Icon.png
Call of the Wild (Twin Adder)Sidequest1 Icon.png
Quest: Sidequest1 Icon.pngWatching the Spawn
Reputation: Friendly (510/510)
Required Items
Ale-stained Parchment Icon.png Sturdy Manacle Key Icon.png Gull Feather Trinket Icon.png
NPCs Involved: FalkbrydaCouncillor TurstinR'ashaht Rhiki
Mobs Involved: Lost Duchess Deckhand (Hyur)Lost Duchess Deckhand (Sahagin)Coral Sahagin
Items Involved: Ale-stained ParchmentSturdy Manacle KeyGull Feather Trinket
NPC Locations
Novv in Western La Noscea (x:16.7, y:22.9)
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Falkbryda in Western La Noscea (x:22.8, y:22.7)
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Pahh in Western La Noscea (x:16.7, y:21.8)
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Novv in Western La Noscea (x:3.2, y:37.8)
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Councillor Turstin in Western La Noscea (x:3.2, y:37.7)
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Councillor Turstin in Western La Noscea (x:27.9, y:28.5)
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R'ashaht Rhiki in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (x:13.2, y:12.9)
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Sidequest4 Icon.png 
R'ashaht Rhiki in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (x:13.2, y:12.9)
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  • Novv informs you that Zugg and his Coral Trident fanatics have abducted a high-ranking Lominsan official from the deck of a navy vessel. Visibly distressed by the implications, the clutchfather asks that you speak with a Maelstrom officer to learn if there is any chance to avert the seemingly inevitable plunge into full-scale war. Make your way to Camp Skull Valley and attempt a parley with Commander Falkbryda.
  • You attempt to dissuade Falkbryda from her course, but it appears the actions of the Coral Tridents have finally pushed the Maelstrom too far. It is only a matter of time before the cannon-laden warships of the Lominsan navy set sail for Sahagin territory on the orders of the Admiral herself. Return to Novv's Nursery and report the distressing news to Novv.
  • In a desperate effort to defuse the volatile situation, the clutchfather suggests that you and he attempt to rescue the abducted councillor yourselves. Your first task will be to uncover exactly where the Coral Tridents are keeping their prisoner. Infiltrate the Serpent's Tongue in western La Noscea, and search the pirates' abode for any written records that appear to document the ambitious plan.
  • You have found an ale-stained parchment that illustrates what you believe to be the raid on the councillor's ship. Return to Novv's Nursery and have Novv peruse the crumpled document.
  • After poring over the soiled parchment you retrieved from the Serpent's Tongue, Novv believes he has identified the location of the pirate vessel where the Lominsan official is being held. Speak with Pahh, the seabeast tamer, and borrow an elbst to carry you to the Lost Duchess.
  • You have successfully slipped aboard the Lost Duchess and located Councillor Turstin. Though shackled─and somewhat shocked at Novv's unexpected appearance─the official appears mercifully unharmed. The clutchfather offers to protect Turstin while you search for a means to free him from his bonds. Defeat the enemies aboard the ship until you find the key to the manacles.
  • You have liberated the manacle key from the body of a slain Sahagin. Return to Councillor Turstin and unlock his shackles.
  • After a tense and emotional confrontation, Novv at last convinces Zugg─the leader of the Coral Tridents and Novv's wayward son─of the futility of his warmongering. At Zugg's command, the Lost Duchess sets sail for the nearest shorewalker settlement, and lowers a lifeboat for you and the councillor to row into the western La Noscean port. Speak with Turstin in Aleport, and learn what he intends to do next.
  • Councillor Turstin expresses his gratitude towards you and Novv for his timely rescue. It appears that the recent experience has changed his perception of the Sahagin as simple, bloodthirsty brutes, and he sympathizes with the clutchfather's trials as a parent. After promising to convince the Admiral to stand down the troops, the Lominsan official hands you a gull feather trinket that is said to represent home and happiness. Deliver the feather to Novv at Novv's Nursery.
  • You hand the gull feather trinket to Novv, compliments of Councillor Turstin. The clutchfather thanks you for your role in averting war with Limsa Lominsa, and once more speaks fervently of his desire to see a cessation of hostilities between the two long-standing enemies. Though his son Zugg has apparently left on a journey for distant waters, Novv hopes that both he─and you─will someday return to visit the nursery. Return to Maelstrom Command in Limsa Lominsa and make your final report to Commander R'ashaht Rhiki.
  • Relieved that the need for large-scale conflict has been avoided, R'ashaht Rhiki commends you for your efforts in rescuing the councillor and addressing the Sahagin threat. The commander seems cautiously optimistic about the possibility of brokering a peace with the scaled beastmen, but warns that the looming specter of Leviathan requires the Maelstrom to remain in a constant state of vigilance. You are dismissed for now, but the call to duty may sound at a moment's notice...
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