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Linkshells are community groups that can be created by any player using an item also known as a linkshell, which can be acquired from various NPCs. To join a linkshell, you must first be invited. While your linkshell is equipped, you will be able to converse with other members of your linkshell over the “Linkshell” chat mode, regardless of where you are.
  • A single linkshell can have a maximum of 128 members.

Creating a Linkshell[edit]

To create a linkshell a player has to acquire a linkshell from one of the following NPCs:

NPC Location
L'zuhjha Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks - The Aftcastle (11-14)
Ninisha Ul'dah - Steps of Nald - Ruby Road Exchange (10-9)
Theanne Old Gridania (10,8)

First, the linkshell will have to be given a name. A linkshell’s name can be anywhere from 3 to 20 alphanumeric characters long. Spaces cannot be used at the beginning or end of the name, or in succession.


Any message input in the linkshell chat mode can be seen by any and all players in the equipped linkshell. Messages displayed in this manner appear in green. This chat mode is activated by prefacing a message with either /linkshell or simply /l. In addition, the active chat mode can be set to linkshell mode by entering the command /chatmode linkshell or /chatmode l without a following message. Alt + L can be used to cycle through linkshells.

Even if a linkshell is not equipped, text sent over the chat channels will be displayed for all linkshells you are carrying. Messages from different linkshells will be differentiated by a number between square brackets - ex. [1] - in front of each message.

Linkshell Administration[edit]

Linkshells are made up of masters, leaders, and members. Linkshell administration is only handled by masters and leaders.

Powers allotted to masters:

  • Disbanding the linkshell
  • Inviting new members
  • Promoting members to leaders, demoting leaders to members
  • Exiling members and leaders from the linkshell
  • Promoting someone to Master status.

Powers allotted to leaders:

  • Inviting new members
  • Exiling members from the linkshell