Livia sas Junius

NPC Icon.pngLivia sas Junius  Sidequest3 Icon.png
  Garlean / Female
Zone(s): Northern Thanalan - Castrum Meridianum
Affiliation: Garlemald
Title: Tribunus Angusticlavius of the XIVth Legion
The Witch of Dalmasca

"His dreams and ambitions, his body and soul—they are mine, do you hear me!? All mine!"

Tribunus angusticlavius od the XIVth Legion, Livia sas Junius is a decorated soldier and proven battlefield commander. Robbed of her parents at a young age, the Garlean girl was taken in by Gaius, who had known her father. Though leaving behind her younger sister Lucia was difficult, Livia found Gaius to be a stern but thoughtful guardian. In time, Livia came to see him as more than an adoptive parent, and joined the army to follow in his footsteps, where she eventually became his right hand. Even as an adult of twenty-six years, she would do anything to remain in Gaius's good graces.

Livia is known in her own right as well. This stems from her prowess with Aglaia, her gunbaghnakhs, and her conduct in Dalmasca. There, she earned a fearsome reputation by putting down insurgents during a rebellion against Garlean rule.

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