Lord of the Hive

Mainquest1 Icon.png Lv. 53   Lord of the Hive

Journal detail hr1 07.png Acquisition
Ysayle: The Dravanian Forelands - Loth ast Gnath (x:29, y:36.1)

Map33 Icon.pngClosest Aetheryte: Anyx Trine

Journal detail hr1 08.png Requirements
071201.png53Breaking into HivesMainquest1 Icon.png Breaking into Hives (Level 53)

Spacer2.png Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) (Level 53)

Journal detail hr1 03.png Rewards

Experience Points

Miscellaneous Reward

Trialicon.png Thok ast Thok (Hard) (Level 53)

Increased Mount Speed in The Dravanian Forelands.
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Journal detail hr1 04.png Description
Ysayle awaits an opportunity to surrender to the Gnath.
Journal detail hr1 01.png Objectives
  • Surrender to the Gnath.
  • Enter the inner chamber.
  • Use the Duty Finder to confront Ravana in Thok ast Thok (Hard).
  • Speak with Ysayle.
  • Speak with Alphinaud.
Journal detail hr1 02.png Unlocks Quests
071201.png53Mourn in PassingMainquest1 Icon.png Mourn in Passing (Level 53)
071221.png53Between Friends and FamilySidequest1 Icon.png Between Friends and Family (Level 53)
071221.png53Blunders in DragonsittingSidequest1 Icon.png Blunders in Dragonsitting (Level 53)
071221.png53Fit to Be TiedSidequest1 Icon.png Fit to Be Tied (Level 53)
071221.png53Let Bygones Be BygonesSidequest1 Icon.png Let Bygones Be Bygones (Level 53)
071221.png53Like Gnaths to a FlameSidequest1 Icon.png Like Gnaths to a Flame (Level 53)
071221.png53The Heart of a DragonSidequest1 Icon.png The Heart of a Dragon (Level 53)
071221.png53Where Dragons LieSidequest1 Icon.png Where Dragons Lie (Level 53)
071341.png50The Naming of VathFeaturequest1 Icon.png The Naming of Vath (Level 50)

Journal detail hr1 07.png NPCs Involved
YsayleGnath DroneGnath PriestAlphinaudEstinien
Journal detail hr1 08.png Objects Involved
Sacrificial Chamber Entrance

  • Ysayle awaits an opportunity to surrender to the Gnath.
  • You have forced your way deep into the heart of Loth ast Gnath, provoking an ever more frenzied response from its many defenders. Satisfied with the chaos you have sown, Ysayle bids you offer no further resistance to the soldiers swarming about you. Surrender quietly, and allow the Gnath to take you prisoner.
  • The Gnath have taken you to a cave on the far side of the hive. Could this be where you will meet their mysterious deity? Enter the inner chamber, and see what manner of being awaits you.
  • You do not have to wait long before Lord Ravana, Master of the Sacred Blades and Wrath of the Colony, arrives to claim his sacrifices. Seizing the opportunity, Ysayle boldly questions the primal about his war with the dragons, before challenging him to a contest of might. Not one to shy away from a fight, Ravana accepts, and terms are duly agreed. If you prevail, the Gnath must cease hostilities with the Dravanians; but should Ravana emerge the victor, you will join his army as eternal thralls. Having goaded the primal into giving his word, Ysayle draws upon the energy of the Gnath's hoarded crystals to transform herself into Saint Shiva, and battle is joined. Even with Shiva's great strength, however, the heretic leader is no match for Ravana's flashing blades. As Ysayle sinks to her knees, defeated, the triumphant god's eyes alight on you. Take to the field and match your prowess against the self-proclaimed Conqueror of the World!
※Thok ast Thok (Hard) can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • After a long and furious battle, Lord Ravana at last lays down his blades defeated. He duly proclaims you the victor by sacred rite of combat, and vows to call his followers back from the dragons' domain. Return now in triumph to the Dravanian forelands.
  • You return to the Dravanian forelands having added the name of yet another primal to the list of your defeated foes. Speak with Ysayle by the river outside of Loth ast Gnath.
  • Ysayle praises you for besting Ravana, while lamenting her own failure to test the primal. Sensing her despondence, you contemplate telling her that things might have been different had she not weakened your foe─only to realize that the moment has passed. Return to Loth ast Vath, and inform Alphinaud of your success.
  • Back at Loth ast Vath, you regale your companions with the tale of your victory over the Gnath's god. When Estinien subsequently reveals that your fellow Scion spent the hours leading up to your return “fretting like a maid for her sweetheart,” Alphinaud declares that you must press on with the mission─more, you sense, to escape the dragoon's mocking tongue than out of concern for Ishgard. He is, however, correct. Make your way back to Anyx Trine, and share news of your triumph with Vidofnir.

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You are prepared, then?
Quest Accepted
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
You are prepared, then? Hold here, Forename. When next the Gnath come, we offer no resistance.
Gnath Drone
Surrender, intruders! There is no escape!
Enough! We surrender! We throw ourselves upon the mercy of your god!

They seem eager to proceed. Good. When they take us before their lord, pray leave matters to me. If what I know of summoning rituals holds true, I shall be well placed to act.

...Hmmm. Mark the sound of the river rushing through the ravine behind us. Passing loud, is it not? I imagine the noise would serve to mask our escape should we need to withdraw temporarily.

But you are prepared, are you not? I do hope so. If I were to be dragged away for sacrifice while you were haggling over the price of potions, I should not be amused.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Though I dismissed Master Alphinaud's concerns, I confess that I did wonder how the Gnath might treat their prisoners. Happily, it would seem they are not wont to harm sacrifices─nor even to disarm them. Plainly, they imagine their god invulnerable. The plan goes better than expected...
Try to escape and we will break your fleshy legs.
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
Now we have but to wait...
O Lord Ravana! Master of the Sacred Blades! Wrath of the Colony! Conqueror of the World! Hear our prayer!
Pray grant unto Your devoted children the gift of Your divine presence!
He comes!
All strength to the colony. Speak and I shall listen!
O Glorious General! We have captured intruders, and would make unto You an offering of their life's blood...
These feeble fleshlings dared to invade Gnath lands?
Hear me, Lord Ravana! My companion and I did not come to contest your children's territory.
We wished only to learn the reason you wage war against the dragons.
Thou wouldst flirt with death merely to satisfy thy curiosity? Wherefore should the glorious conquests of the Gnath concern thee so, Elezen?
...Ahhh, mayhap thine own kind's struggle against the wyrms fareth poorly, and thou art desirous of a pact.
We crave no alliance, Lord Ravana─only peace. We would bring an end to our war with the dragons. Yet so long as they remain embroiled in this conflict with your children, our goal shall remain out of reach.
Never before have the Gnath risen up in such numbers, and never yet with you at their head. Why do you lead them to war?
Thy question hath no meaning. To live is but to fight.

Long have my children waited, gathering their strength in the shadow of thy ceaseless conflict.

The Gnath would see the Dravanians slain, and their territory secured─and by such fervent prayers am I now given form and purpose.
As I feared, your very existence is an obstacle to our goal. Since you are so fond of fighting, we challenge you, Lord of the Gnath!
And should we emerge the victors, I would have you swear to withdraw your soldiers from Dravanian soil!
Gahahaha! Thou art bold indeed to risk thy fleshy hide so readily!

Very well. I, Ravana, fourfold master of the blade, do accept thy challenge!

But should I emerge the victor, I would have thee swear to serve in mine army till thy last breath is spent! Do you accept!?
I do! And I believe the first bout is mine!
What is this!? A god clad in flesh!?
Is aught amiss, my lord? Thou wilt not break thy word, I trust.
Mine oath is unbending as steel, little goddess! Thy ruse will but add to mine enjoyment!
I thought myself...stronger... Mayhap with more crystals...?
Be thou god or maid, thou art nothing to me! ...And what of thee, mortal? Art thou warrior or craven?
A warrior, then! Good! Mayhap thou wilt provide more sport than thy feeble companion!
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
<pant> <pant> Forgive me... I was...overconfident...
The Wrath of the Colony is undefeated! Victory to the Gnath!
The Wrath of the Colony is undefeated! Victory to the Gnath!
Duty Commenced
Dance to the song of ringing steel!

Furious as a blaze!

Unyielding as the earth!

Take wing, ye souls of war!

Prepare thyself!

Rejoice in the glory of combat!

Thou hast bested me...

Thus doth the sacred rite of combat proclaim the victor...
I lay my blades at thy feet, child of man...
Duty Complete
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene start.
You do not disappoint, Warrior of Light. Would that I had your skill in battle. ...I do begin to see why so many place their faith in you.
For all his savagery, I do not think Ravana one to break his word. Provided the dragons do not trespass upon Gnath lands, they should have little to fear of the primal's biting blades. We have done well, have we not? Come, let us return to Vidofnir and share these glad tidings.
Once more you achieve the impossible, Bringer of Light... But with every mortal heart that succumbs to fear and fury, another voice is joined to the chorus beseeching divine succor.
At their bidding, warring gods will shake the firmament, and your world will be consumed in the swelling storm of chaos...
Player7 Icon.png Voiced cutscene end.
The antmen's god is fallen, then? Impressive, Warrior of Light.
Are you unharmed, Forename!? What of Lady Ysayle?

Never since we first fought have I seen you draw upon the full extent of your power...and never from afar till this day. You were a marvel to behold, Forename.

Well...'tis time we rejoined our companions. They will be eager to hear the tale...and to continue our journey.
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.

Forename! Lady Ysayle! Thank the Twelve!

...“Lord Ravana,” you say? How curious that the Vath never mentioned his name... And you are quite certain he will keep his word?

There was honor beneath his savagery.

That we survived the encounter at all was a miracle─a miracle I must attribute to Forename.
Never did I doubt you, Warrior of Light...unlike some. You were gone so long that Master Alphinaud here nigh lost his wits with worry. Fretting like a maid for her sweetheart, he was!
Estinien! Was that truly necessary!?
Hahaha... Not truly necessary─but certainly true.

Ahem! What matters is that the primal is banished, and our promise fulfilled. We should return to Vidofnir without delay.

Lest you forget, this was but a means to secure an audience with the wyrm Hraesvelgr. Nidhogg's minions will not be halted by idle chatter! Come, now─we must make every moment count!
You are unkind, Estinien. For all his experience and intellect, Alphinaud is still but a boy.
Quest Completed

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