A Beeautiful Plan

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The bag is sealed tight, but I'd rather not keep the bees buzzing about in there longer than we have to.
The Children's settlement is to the west, a place they call Woven Oath.
According to the guard, there is an airway apart from the entrance which leads to the spiders' nests.
If the fates are kind, the way will be clear.
We should move quickly, before any of the Children arrive.
Up there is the airway. Do you see it?
A bit far, perhaps, but we should be able to toss the bag through.
Though we should probably loosen the ropes keeping it closed. Enough that it falls open when it lands inside.
May I do the honors?
That should do it. Now we wait...
What is that!?
Bees! By the abyss, they're everywhere!
Help! Someone help! We have to save the spiders!
It sounds like our plan is working.
Still, it is quite likely not all were drawn away from their posts.
If you should come to blows with the Children, I'll see to it any signs of struggle are concealed. Failing that, I'll create a distraction to buy Y'shtola more time.
Should anyone get past me, it falls to you to guard her.
Your concern is appreciated, but I sincerely doubt it will come to that.
Why do I get the feeling you enjoy the idea of my loafing about bored in the shadows?
Come now, Thancred. The shadows are a fitting place for a Warrior of Darkness. Now, if you both are ready?
Go on. I'll be right behind you.
The Font of Seeing suggests this is a chamber for prayer. At the very least, they would not place this near potential distractions from their worship.
Perhaps the monument is further in.
Yes, this is it.
I will be but a moment. Keep watch of the entryway.
On second thought, would you mind examining the murals on these walls while I look over this?
At a glance, I can tell they are old. Predating the founding of the Blessed and the Children, in fact.
We're not like to come here a second time. 'Twould behoove us to learn all that we can.
Hmmm... Then what does this mean...?
Good to see my distraction proved successful.
I believe I now have everything needed to finish deciphering the tablet.
Tell me, Forename, did the murals appear to be of any significance?
Depictions of heroes? From the age of gods, the Ronkan Empire, and immediately before the Flood.
Very astute observations. Perhaps in another lifetime you could be a curator of antiquities.
Though it has no bearing on the task at hand, perhaps that knowledge may prove to be of use in the future.