A Budding Partnership

«The Man Who Slew Too Much Persistence Makes Perfect»
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There's gotta be a capable partner for me somewhere...
Aye, I know we've had our troubles with the past couple of “hunters” I've introduced Q'yantaa to. It might be time to go about this partner business a different way...
It might be best to introduce her to someone what knows their way 'round a chocobo trap. Just so happens, I know a seasoned hunter by the name of Hudde that's lookin' for a partner. You should be able to find him in the north part of camp. Seek him out an' make your acquaintances.
A seasoned hunter!? So he won't weigh me down like the others? This might be the start of a profitable relationship!
Forename, I'm gonna need you to look after Q'yantaa again. Hudde's known to be a dependable hunter, but one can never be too careful...
I've got a good feelin' about this one...
Hmph! What's wrong with the hunters in this camp!?
Ah, the child's guard dog comes nipping at her heels.
I'll tell you what I told her: I've been hunting since before you were but a whelp at your mum's teats. I've got no inkling what Loupard told you, but I've got no patience to be holding some child's hand. Tell Loupard he'd best not waste my time again when there's hunting to be done.
Does every hunter in this camp have a stick up their arse!? He barely let me get a word in!

But...he's exactly the kind of partner I need! If I'm gonna learn hunting, who better to teach me than him?

There has to be a way to convince him, we just need to put our heads together...

Ah hah! Even a hardened hunter like him has to have a soft spot. He can't be that joyless every second of the day.
He's been in this camp for a while, right? Someone is like to know him well. Might be they know how we could get him to warm up to me! Come on, Forename, let's ask around and see if we can't find out more about my future partner!
Even a hunter such as him's gotta smile sometimes. Let's ask around and get to know my future partner!
...Can't say I know much about Hudde outside of huntin'... Well, come to think of it, I often see him carryin' around flowers. They're always the same, Dravanian lilies if I'm not mistaken.
You wanna know about Hudde? Well...seems there's some ruins he visits often, but I've got no notion what for.
Eh? Hudde ain't exactly the type to warm up to people. He certainly hasn't warmed up to me.
I remember because Dravanian lilies ain't easy to come by. I wonder what he does with them...
'Course, knowin' Hudde, it's probably for the best not to pry too deep into his past.
I respect his huntin', but I can't say I know him any better than that.
So? What'd the other hunters have to say about Hudde?

Dravanian lilies!? I just knew we'd find his weakness if we dug deep enough! Although, I would've never guessed it'd be flowers...

When I present him with a lovely Dravanian lily, he's sure to open up to me. I've heard tell of the lilies growing near the northeast camp. Just wait, Hudde, you'll be my partner yet!
Look, Forename, a Dravanian lily! I would pick it myself, but you see, I'm like to forget my own strength and um...crush it...

So that's why you need to pick the lily for me, and for Hudde! Be careful!

The flower's right there. I'll keep a lookout for any flower stampers while you pick it.

Oh my, I've never seen such a delicate touch─you'd make quite the gatherer! Well, let's see it!

Ah... Now I can see why even a hunter like Hudde would be partial to this flower. Forename, accompany me to Tailfeather and we'll finally be done with this partner business!
You again? I'll say it only once more: I'm not partnering with a wet-behind-the-ears hunter.
Hudde, I brought this...for you!
Aren't you that br─ What's this...a Dravanian lily?

<scoff> You think you can win me over with a flower?

What in the seven hells were you thinking!? I can pick as many of these damned lilies as I please─on my own!

It doesn't matter what you do, you ain't fit to be my partner! I seen a hunter coddling a hatchling none too long ago, I reckon he'd be more befitting!
<sigh> What a stubborn old fool...flowers usually never fail. Hmmm...I'll just have to think of some other way...