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A Deific Simulacrum

«Balance unto All
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I would like you to have this, Warrior of Light.

It is an Allagan tomestone similar to the one we recovered after your victory over Sephirot. The records contained within describe the Goddess at the height of her power, and will enable Azys Lla's reality augmentation technologies to generate an idealized simulacrum of Sophia against whom to test your skills.

From what I have been able to determine, this formed part of a greater trial intended to test Allag's elite warriors. Quite how it will compare to the challenge presented by the Fiend's tomestone, I cannot say...

I suppose there is only one way to be certain. Visit the verification node on Azys Lla, and witness firsthand what awaited the champions of eld.
Quest Accepted
<blip> Activating verification systems... Enlistment program request acknowledged. Awaiting tomestone data...

<blip> Data processed. Adversary: Warring Triad, Sophia. Threat level: Extreme.

Successful applicants will progress to elite squad induction. Families of unsuccessful applicants will receive twice standard death benefits.

Before initiating this program, elite squad applicants must agree to extensive physical modifi─ <bloop> <crackle>

...Data corrupted. Unable to verify input. Applicant agreement accepted.

<blip> Activating reality augmentation... Initiating enlistment program... The Empire thanks you for your service. Postmortem data will be used to improve the survival rates of subsequent applicants. Your sacrifice is appreciated.
Quest Completed
Have you the strength to equal Allag's greatest heroes? You need only visit Azys Lla to find out...