A Desert Crossing

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Take care with your desert crossing and good fortune with meeting your friend! I'll be around when you're ready to head back to the Exarch.
Alisaie has been desperate to see you, Forename, so let's get you to her sooner rather than later!
The Inn isn't too hard to find, really─you can actually see the top of the rock spires from here.
We just need to swing around the ridge, then head south. Come on, I'll get my supplies together and meet you outside!
All set? Oh, I should probably mention the wildlife...
While most of them will leave you be if you keep your distance, the local coyotes have learned to prey on folk heading home from the markets.
I can usually swing a sword well enough to fend them off, but I may have loaded myself down with too many bargains today...
Do you think you can handle any beasts that try to make a meal of us?
I thought you might. Alisaie was always saying how much y─ Um, I mean, let's get going, shall we?
Speak of the curs...!
Sorry, there wasn't much time to shout a warning. Were you bitten? Those things can be nasty.
And yet hardly a match for you, it seems! I'd always thought Alisaie was strong, but in her mind, she was never...hmmm. Now it makes sense.
Ahem, well we should push on! It might be best if you scout ahead and clear out any coyotes that have our scent.
I'll wait here so you can fight without any distractions!
It might save time if you could head down past the ridge and clear out any coyotes lurking nearby.
Oh, thank goodness you're back. I could hear the howling and snarling from here... Frightful creatures.
Let's hope the rest have seen your handiwork, and know to avoid us now. I need to get these supplies back to the Inn!
This is it! Thanks to you, I didn't have to drop my shopping even once! Come to think of it, I'm glad I didn't make the trip alone...
It seems you ended up escorting me! I'll have to repay the favor somehow, but first, let's head inside, shall we?
Welcome to the Inn at Journey's Head. You might be our first visitor from the Crystarium since Alisaie arrived.
It's not much, but it's home for the afflicted and a handful of carers.
What will you say?
Answer 1
!The afflicted...?
!This illness isn't contagious, is it?
!I have some skill with healing...
You...don't know?
Contagious...? Well, no, not as far as we know.
I'm not sure you can help in this case, but...that's good to know.
I don't think I've met anyone besides Alisaie who was so unfamiliar with our situation here. Most folk have grown up knowing someone who knew someone...
Hm. I might leave out something obvious, so it may be best to have Alisaie give you the full explanation.