A Dream Blooms

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I've just heard the most amazing news, kupo! Rare and fragrant flowers called hornblooms are blooming near the House of Letters. If you could go and pick three for me, my gratitude would be yours!
The flowers are more beautiful than any I've ever seen! If I had three of them it would make me so happy!
You've returned bathed in a floral scent, kupo! Were you able to find three of the flowers?

You really have the eyes of a florist. As I'm sure you've gathered, these are far more precious than the other flowers you see dotting the landscape, as they only bloom so lovely once a year. I'll put my very best into making sure they stay healthy and robust!

Don't tell anyone, but I'll be using these for my secret garden. When it's finally complete, you'll be one of the first I invite, kupo!