A Feast of Lies

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The gears are clearly turning in Urianger's mind. Why don't you ask him what he makes of all this?
Wh-What's happening!? What's wrong with everyone!?
I'm fine, Forename. Shaking with fury, but fine. Let's go.
We are like to encounter Ran'jit again. One can only hope he's still licking his wounds.
Yet even without him, Eulmore is an eminently defensible city─as you doubtless gleaned during your visit.
When last I set foot inside its walls, I almost mistook it for dear old Limsa─but it is full of unpleasant surprises. All of which is a long way of saying: be on your guard.
The uppermost level of the city houses Vauthry's chambers. He must keep the Warden close.
My heart is gripped by an unshakable sense of foreboding. Let us proceed with all care.
That Vauthry should so brazenly exert his influence over the people bespeaks his desperation. He will not go quietly.
Meol...is sin eater? Wicked white, we all scoffed the stuff without a second thought...
I never got near as much as the others, but...ugh...
Heh... The bitter greens and bony fish I got by on don't seem so bad no more...
When we step through the gates, we shall find not the place of hedonistic pleasure we remember, but a battlefield.
If you are prepared for this, then let us sally forth!
Are you all right, Forename!?
The citizens appear to have calmed down for the moment. I can only assume Vauthry is otherwise engaged. Let's get to the upper level while we can.
My thanks again, Forename. We will seek out the wounded and render what aid we can.
Some managed to shake off the mind control only to be caught in the chaos. We'll make sure they receive treatment as well.
It's all right. You're safe now.
<groan> What...what happened?
Bereft of leadership, the soldiers have lost the will to fight. They pose no threat to us.
So this was how the citizens lived─the Eulmoran dream. They are in for quite a rude awakening.
Good news, Forename. It would seem that Ryne is indeed able to reverse the effects of Vauthry's influence.
Even as we speak, she tends to the afflicted in turn. The problem being: there's no end to them.
We're trying to provide what relief we can to those who are waiting, and would appreciate your help, if you're willing.

Battle Dialogue

Climb to the next level!
Defeat Ran'jit!
Do no more than is necessary to subdue the civilians!
Forgive me... I was unprepared...
We're wasting time. Ryne─we hold them here while the others press on!
Not here, damn it...
A-All right!
Have care, you two! The rest of you, with me!
I...I wasn't strong enough...
Their minds are not their own, remember! Avoid harming them wherever possible!
There is no end to them... Urianger─would you care to make a stand?
Ungh... Not like this...
Gladly. Forename─pray press on with the others when the opportunity doth arise.
The way's clear! Come on, you two!
A costly misstep...
Confound it! More of them! And we were almost through!
No... We were so close...
Right, my turn to make a heroic stand! As soon as there's a lull, push on!
Now, Forename─into the tower! Just you take care, Alisaie!
The jesters from before!
Apologies, friends...but you've reached a dead end. And on this sorry track, there's no turning back.
We've a good life here, see, and we're not about to lose it. But fair's fair─we'll give you a good death.
If you would fight us of your own volition, then we will not hold back!
This one's a real side-splitter!
But at least you'll die laughing!
Let us climb to the Canopy. From there we will take the Crown Lift.
Still more soldiers... Leave them to me and press on!
Ever since I submitted to my master's authority, I have been naught but a weapon.
I exist only to destroy. And destroy you I will.
It is time we settled this, villain.
If you would pass me, you must endure all that I have learned on the battlefield... For I am a weapon forged in the fires of war!
Ah...there you are...my precious girls...