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A Fistful of Resolve

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This page is a Stub for items and information from the Stormblood Patch 4.0 series of patches. Please expand it if you have additional details, or remove this template from the page if the article is complete.
«Appetite for Destruction
«The Far Edge of Fate

Return of the Monk»

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Ah, Forename! Dim though you are, I would swear you possess an innate ability to sense when you are needed. And on that note, I have a task for you.

Your fellow brute Widargelt─some matter or other weighs heavily on his mind of late. Knowing him, it can only pertain to Ala Mhigo, but the stubborn oaf is determined to keep it pent-up inside. Loath to trouble me with it or some such nonsense, I shouldn't doubt.

But you, my friend─you are as a brother to him. If there is a man alive in whom he would be willing to confide, it is you. For the hopeless idiot's sake, I bid you go to Revenant's Toll and place yourself at his disposal.
Good. That will be all for today. You have done well. I am pleased with your progress.
You always say that, Master. But we're nowhere near where we want to be. Not even close.
Indeed. And besides, any progress we make, we owe wholly to you.
Damn right. Without your guidance, we'd be goin' nowhere fast.
My guidance...

Forename, I am glad to see you. Things are well here, as you can see. But...hmmm...

D'zentsa, O'tchakha, you may go ahead. I would speak with Forename.

Those two grow stronger every day. Shadows darken their way no more. Their purpose is clear.
Would that I could say the same of mine...

You see, I have received an offer. The Resistance. They ask that I rejoin them. Lead one of their units.

Once, I would have jumped at the chance. But no more. No longer do I live for revenge. You and the professor showed me it is not the way.

So I will turn down the offer. I would focus not on fighting, but rebuilding. But what is within my power? Beyond the battlefield, how can I serve my homeland?
Forgive me. I should not trouble you with this. It is my answer to find.
But first, I will give the Resistance their answer. My thanks for listening, Forename.
He still agonizes over it...
Aye, hardly the state of mind to be in for such an important meeting. Isn't there anything we can do?
Not us two─his pride will not allow it. But you, Forename─he opened up to you just now, did he not? I daresay he will do so again. We're terribly sorry to impose, but could you please follow Master Widargelt? Watch over him in our stead?
Will you watch over Widargelt?
Place an answer Here

! For you, O'tchakha? Of course. ! For you, D'zentsa? Of course.

Hehe! We are in your debt, Forename!
Wait, what? Who, me?
Um, Forename? Do you, er...reckon you could look in on Master Widargelt for us?
He is bound for Little Ala Mhigo, I believe.
I doubt not that Widargelt is in good hands. After all, who should know a brute better than a fellow brute?
You would bear witness to my resolve? Very well, brother. Witness me.
Have you made up your mind, then?
I have. Your offer does me great honor. But with respect I must decline. My days of vengeance are over.
I see. That is your decision, and I shan't press you further. Yet I would be lying were I to say I'm not disappointed. With your mastery of the Fist, your contribution to our struggle would have been immeasurable.
I am sorry...
Do not be. Remember, fighting is not the only way to serve one's nation. We each of us must find our own path to walk.
Our own path...
There is a place I would be. I take my leave of you.
'Tis plain you know Widargelt better than most. If you are indeed his friend, as I mark you to be, I needn't tell you to be there for him.
To find me here... You know me too well, Forename.

The mark of the Destroyer. My people bore it here when the Empire came. The risk was great. But their faith was greater still.

Alas, that faith has all but faded. Wiped away from the motherland. The Garleans suffer not the divine. They allow us not even the solace of worship.

...By Rhalgr, I know now. That which I can do for Ala Mhigo. All along, there was but the one path.
Let us return to Revenant's Toll. There I will tell all.

Thank you all for coming. I have found my calling. And I would share it with you.

I will go to Gyr Abania. And there revive the Fist of Rhalgr.
Well then, we're coming with you. We won't let you out of our sight─not until we've repaid the debt, at any rate.
Suffice to say I too shall come. The lands of Gyr Abania harbor countless mysteries, and such knowledge as I possess will doubtless serve you in your endeavor.
And you, brother. Can I count on you as well?
What will you say?
Place an answer Here

! I'm with you all the way! ! I'm not feeling up to it.

Wh-What!? But Forename, it would be unthinkable without you! Please reconsider!
I am glad. Your presence gives me heart. The mission will not be easy. But I will not rest until I succeed. And the Fist of Rhalgr is returned to the land. This I swear.
On that inspiring note, I shall go and make ready. ...And Widargelt─pray do not forget what we discussed.
We will depart anon. Pray see to your preparations, Forename.
Glad to see Master worked things out.
With your help, Master Widargelt has found his path. Thank you, Forename.