A Fitting Challenge

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Pardon me for staring─I couldn't help but notice that you have the posture of one who has trained in martial techniques. Might I beg your assistance with a small matter?
A friend of mine has recently joined the guard, you see. I was hoping to put my skills to work in crafting her armor more durable than the standard-issue fare, but she's already been stationed out in Lakeland.
I have her measurements, of course, but I find myself unsure of which parts of the garment will need to be reinforced, and which will need to hang a bit loose for mobility's sake. Would you be willing to demonstrate a few common stances for me?
Thank you! In that case, could you begin by showing me your usual battle stance?
You needn't be self-conscious─just move how you usually do.
Hmm... I may need to add a bit more give around the shoulders. Would you mind throwing a few punches as well? As if you were boxing.
This perhaps goes without saying, but you needn't actually hit anyone. I only wish to see how you move when you throw a punch.
I see─the entire torso needs to be able to twist. And the knuckle portion of the gloves could likely use a bit more padding...
I believe I understand what alterations to make. You've been a great help─thank you.
I must say that what you're wearing seems quite finely made, but if ever you do find yourself in need of new equipment, come and find me. I would be happy to offer you a reduced rate on my custom work!