A Glamourous Guise

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Ah, my bone-chilling friend! You were so dreadfully helpful with our ahriman, I feel that I simply must repay you in kind.
Thus do I extend to you an invitation to our grand event─a sumptuous masquerade where you may revel to your heart's content! We have prepared a thrilling manor for our guests to explore, and all are encouraged to attend in the guise of their choice.
To you, however, I would offer something rather more...extraordinary. Within the manor, you will find an associate of the troupe who is frightfully well-versed in the art of glamours─you will undoubtedly note his terribly convincing guise.
I shan't say a word more, lest I spoil the delights that await. If you would sate your curiousity, you must speak with him. Go on, now─don't delay! The genial guiser will show you to the masquerade.
Do speak to our associate at the masquerade─you'll feel like a whole new man! Or perhaps woman!
The Impresario's guest, correct? Come, I will escort you to the manor. Oh, and you will find our...associate...in room 108.
Enter the manor?
Come one, come all, to our marvelous masquerade! Ah─the Impresario's guest. Right this way.
Enter the manor?
Greetings, guest of the Impresario. Yes, I know you...
Tell me, have you ever wished to become someone else? I can do that for you. Free of charge! Ehehehe...