A Good Adventurer Is Hard to Find

«Coming to Gridania
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Newly come to Gridania, are you? In search of fame and fortune, perhaps?

If you have confidence in your abilities, I urge you to speak with Chansteloup of the Gods' Quiver. You can find him standing vigil before the Archers' Guild.

The creatures of the Twelveswood have been behaving most unnaturally of late, and it has fallen to the Gods' Quiver to pacify them. Alas, they are sorely undermanned.

For this reason, they seek able adventurers to supplement their ranks. I am certain that your offer of aid would be well received.
Bernadette sent you to me? Hmph!

Well, inexperienced or not, if you wish to prove your worth to the people of Gridania, you were right to come.

You do wish to prove yourself, do you not?