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A Little Slow, a Little Late

«In the Eye of the Beholder

Dreams of the Lost»

Transcript may differ from in-game version as efforts have been made to incorporate unused and/or altered text.
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Honestly, that boy... Some things never change.
Given that Alphinaud seems to recall the details of my return so vividly, I would rather he did not draw me from memory, talented or not.
Well, what are we waiting for? For all we know, Thancred could be waiting for us in Loth ast Vath! We must go and see the Vath right away. Come along, everyone! Come along!
<click> <click> Great hunters, we welcome you once more to Loth ast Vath. What do you seek this day?
We seek a man. A man with whom we are told you may have had certain dealings.
...How curious. The hunters tire of godly sport and pursue mortal prey?
No, no, he is not prey, but a friend long missing.
<click> <click> Good, good. He is a friend to the Vath as well, one with whom we have traded many times.
Truly? And you are quite certain it was this man?
There is no doubt. <click> <click> The fleshling clothed in skins came to us from Sohm Al, lost and weak. He offered meat and hides in trade, and in exchange we tended his wounds.
He brought us much flesh, so skilled a hunter he was. Much flesh. When he asked for garments, we were glad to provide them.
And where is he now?
<click> <click> Gone to Loth ast Gnath. Not long ago. When he heard the Onemind had summoned our god once more.
Ravana is returned!?
Vidofnir did say that the Gnath had grown as before. But what could Thancred hope to accomplish by himself?
Honored elder, we thank you for your help. Would that we could repay this kindness ere we depart, but we must hasten to our comrade's side.
Go, great hunters, lest the Gnath claim him as a sacrifice. <click> <click>
<click> <click> One hunter, however skilled, cannot stand against the colony. Go to your friend.
Who else could be... Thancred! It could be Thancred! We must hurry!


This day we reclaim the reins of history! This day we rid ourselves of the Ascians forever!
Fools playing at heroes, all of you. Is this how you believe you can save your world?
We can and will, Ascian! You shall see─or perhaps you will not!


So you are the Warrior of Light. The savior of Eorzea. It's a wonder you didn't come sooner, what with the primal and all. Lost a step, have we?
Have care. The aether moves strangely around him.
It would seem we share a common enemy. Mayhap you would tell us who you are?
...Shall we show them?
Not very sporting of you to interrupt, but so be it.
Mark well our faces, Warrior of Light, for we are the Warriors of Darkness. Walkers of a different path. And we shall meet again.
Warriors of Darkness? ...Really?
Thancred! Are you all right?
Pleasantries can wait. I'd rather not be here when the Gnath arrive. Agreed?
Suffice it to say, our reunion was not at all as I pictured it. Waiting until the last instant to join the fray. 'Tis plain you have not lost your appetite for the dramatic.
My appetite for the dramatic!? Have you forgotten the circumstances of our parting? The heroic last stand, the tunnel filling with light, and then... <sigh>

Had I known you intended to use forbidden magicks to deliver me to some godsforsaken wilderness...

...I would have thanked you in advance.
If nothing else, you might have warned me that I would emerge from the Lifestream in the altogether.

Eventually, I managed to fashion knives from some obsidian I found, and set about hunting for meat and hides.

Given that I'm not all that skilled in leatherworking, it's probably for the best that I met the Vath before I was reunited with you.
So you were the “fleshling clothed in skins” of whom the storyteller spoke.
A description which fit me as ill as the skins themselves. Happily, I was able to trade with the Vath for garments better becoming a man of refinement.
From them I learned of Ravana, and of the great warrior who had once laid him low.
And thence did you conclude that were you to track the primal's movements, it would surely bring you into contact with the Scions once more.
It seemed a reasonable assumption. I could think of no one else with your enthusiasm for slaying beastman gods. Until now, that is.
Ah yes...the self-proclaimed “Warriors of Darkness.” 'Tis only fitting that they stand in opposition to the Warrior of Light, I suppose.
I glimpsed the leader's past─if only for a moment. They were confronting a man in black. An Ascian, I think.
If these warriors are capable of doing battle with Ascians and primals both, they must be possessed of powerful protection─protection not unlike the Echo...
We should be safe here. Our pursuers are not like to stray so far from the colony.
The vision caught me unawares, and I was unprepared for their attack, but...I could hear the colony chattering all around us... They were so unbearably loud...
Do you need to sit down? I have water, if it will help.
<click> <click> The colony laments for Lord Ravana. Was this your doing?