A Meating Long Overdue

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Ah, what I wouldn't give for just one mouthful of juicy meat...
I've eaten naught but meol for more moons than I can count! I mean, I'm grateful for the handouts and all but sometimes a man needs variety.
Aye, if I had me a roasted game bird about now, I'd strip that beauty down to the bone!
But have you ever tried catchin' one of them tragopans? It's like askin' to have your eyes pecked out. ...What, you reckon you could do better?
Go ahead, then─make me eat my own words. Just so long as they come with a side dish of bird flesh!
And make sure you bring it back alive and kickin', you understand? Here's a rope to truss it up, and a sack to carry it. You might need to, uh, daze it a bit first...
Once you've knocked the fight out of the bird, you can bind it with that length of rope!
Tell me there's a bird in that sack!
Oof, that's a feisty one! Nice work, stranger!
Ah, seein' this fellow all trussed up for the dinner table reminds me of bein' back in Stilltide...
It's been years since I left to chase after Eulmore's promises, but I'm no closer to gettin' through that gate than when I started.
It's been years since I left to chase after Eulmore's promises─I suppose I've just gotten too used to the life here in Gatetown.
Maybe it's time I gave up on hollow dreams and went home to my old mum... Anyway, my thanks for the bird, friend!