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Good evening to you, sir. I do hope you are well rested.
The Exarch and your companions are presently gathered in the Ocular. He asks that you convene with them at your earliest convenience.
      • The Following is Voiced CS
Ah, there you are. You're just in time to welcome our guest...
Please. Did I not explicitly tell you that we would be meeting again soon?

Lest you forget, I made you a promise. I have no intention of meddling with your mission. I come only to observe.

Your Exarch friend in particular has piqued my curiosity. Summoning you all like that. Most impressive.
You honestly expect us to believe you've come only to observe? Or that you might deign to lift a finger to aid our cause if called upon?
Even if there were there a sliver of truth in your words, I would never accept your help. Not in my darkest hour─not after all the suffering your kind has wrought.
So petty. I meant what I said and I said what I meant.

Wage your war against the sin eaters. Put each and every Lightwarden to the sword.

Prove yourselves heroes brave and true, and I will be glad to embrace you as allies.

Allies worthy of bearing the burden of truth.

Surely such a partnership would be preferable to yet another round of fisticuffs?

...And thus did the olive branch wither and die. Pity.

Well─let no man say I did not try, futile as it was.

Though I suspect you will seek me out when you grow tired of making the same mistakes.

Difficult decisions lie ahead of you. Decisions best made with the benefit of knowledge to which only the eternal are privy.

For now, I shall resume my shadowy vigil. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it's worth watching, would you.
What was that all about?
A vain attempt to make us doubt our chosen course, most like. As if we'd believe a word that passed his lips.
Unless you think there is some truth in what he says?
What will you say?
A kernel, perhaps... Not one jot. I don't know. But if he crosses us, I'll make him wish he hadn't.
If he simply meant to lead us astray, he could have done so without revealing himself. At least, not in the manner he did.
I share your suspicion, of course. But if he simply meant to lead us astray, he could have done so without revealing himself. At least, not in the manner he did.
I am sure you will. But consider for a moment: if he meant simply to lead us astray, he could have done so without revealing himself. At least, not in the manner he did.
It goes without saying that an alliance with the Ascians is out of the question. But since we have no way of knowing where they might be hiding, it seems only logical to press on with our mission─even if our enemy seems content for it to succeed.
Then let us discuss the sin eaters.

I would begin by thanking you all for your efforts thus far.

In striking down the Lightwardens of Lakeland and Il Mheg, you have accomplished more in your short time here than all of our forces managed in the last century.
That may be, but the Wardens of Kholusia, Amh Araeng, and Rak'tika remain.
Indeed. And their precise whereabouts are as yet unknown.
Which is why I propose we divide our forces and conduct a systematic survey of each region. Once we have found our quarry, we may then determine how best to proceed.
I'll take Amh Araeng, in that case. I know the lie of the land well enough.
If there are no objections, I will make for Kholusia. I have connections there both in and around Eulmore that may prove useful.
Then I would ask that you journey to Rak'tika.
There you will find Y'shtola. With her assistance, I doubt the Warden will evade your grasp for long.
Is Y'shtola the conjurer you and Urianger used to talk about?
That's right. Though we haven't spoken much since she left for the forest.
I fear I may be to blame for that. I had every intention of relaying the news of your arrival, but she is...disinclined to speak with me.
You have visited her, have you not? Might I trouble you to...?
'Twould be no trouble.
My thanks. While you are all out in the field, I shall be here attending to business. I had somewhat fancifully contemplated joining the search myself, but other matters demand my attention.
What's that?
A missive from Lord Vauthry. He invites me to join him in Eulmore to discuss the recent conflict at Lydha Lran.
And? Did he even bother to offer any bait? It's obviously a trap.
I should be surprised if it were not. Nevertheless, I must seize this opportunity to speak with him, even if only a few words are exchanged.

Though my power will be much diminished so far from the tower, it is a risk I am willing to take.

Master Alphinaud─might I impose upon you to accompany me to Eulmore, prior to beginning your reconnaissance?
Of course.
Then let us make ready. Safe travels to you all.

      • End of Voiced CS
I confess, a great deal of my time in Kholusia was spent befriending the people, but that is not to say I gave no thought to our primary goal.
Once I have escorted the Exarch to Eulmore, you can be certain I will do all I can to discern the whereabouts of any Warden that may be hiding in Kholusia.
There are so many ruins scattered throughout Amh Araeng... I'm honestly not even sure where to start.
Minfilia and I are no strangers to Rak'tika, but this is perhaps the first time we've bothered entering through the proverbial front door.
At last I can finally meet Y'shtola. Thancred has told me so much about her.
I should be glad to apprise thee of Y'shtola's recent endeavors during our journey to Rak'tika.
Before you leave, I would make a request of you.
There is a church─or rather, the ruins of a church─at Fort Jobb. Might I ask that you go there before seeking out Y'shtola?
It was a place where people once gathered to worship the Light. Alas, it has long since fallen into disuse.
Yet within that hall there remains a tablet whose writings I believe may prove of use to Y'shtola. At the very least, such a relic would make a suitable gift for your reunion.
A most considerate proposal. Very well. Ere we depart to Rak'tika, we shall journey unto Fort Jobb that we might secure this relic.
Safe travels, Forename. I pray that tablet and its contents prove of interest to Y'shtola.
I do not doubt this place may weather another assault by the sin eaters, but they cannot hope to hold it should the Eulmoran soldiers return.
Even with their limited numbers, the guard can use the terrain to their advantage. Perhaps I can convince the captain to lay a few traps out in the field.
Thancred and I have come across these ruined churches before. I wish I could've seen them before the Flood. The windows were works of art, I'm told...
Here amidst these ruins we will find the Church of the First Light, and within that hallowed hall the tablet we seek.
Time is of the essence, my friend. Let us be quick.