A Rocky Relationship

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What!? I wasn't doin' nothin'! Don't tell me mum!
...She didn't send you? Wicked white! Why'd you bloody sneak up on me then!?
I was just off to visit me secret friend, but I'm not really s'posed to─ Ah, bugger it.
Wait, listen! If you promise to keep quiet, you can come and meet him too. Just meet us at Top Rung!
This's Rocky. I helped him when he was hurt, and now we're best mates!
Hmmm. I thought he was better, but he don't seem too happy today. What is it, boy? Are you hungry? If Mum caught me sneakin' you food, there'd be hells to pay...
You know, I saw some of his friends munchin' on them huldu. You can fight huldu, right? Smash a few to pieces, and bring the bits back here!
You'd better hurry up─Rocky must be starvin'! Oh, and, uh, don't tell no one I'm here!
Did you bring them bits of huldu? Quick, feed 'em to Rocky there!
<crunch> <crunch> <gulp>
There you go, mate! Get that down your gob!
We had a whole crowd of folk come through not long ago, and I was worried they'd do somethin' to Rocky.
But I guess he's safe enough here. Come on─we should leave before someone sees us.
<sniff> <snuffle>
There ain't no other young folk in Amity, so Rocky is my only friend.
...And I guess you're all right, as well. For a grown-up. And since you was nice to Rocky, I'm givin' you me treasure!
It was just lyin' on the ground out there. See! Somethin' that shiny's got to be worth a fortune!