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A Scandal in Komra

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Hail, sinner! Have you heard about the string of thefts in Komra? Word has it that they haven't the foggiest who's behind them. Not a clue! They've gotten desperate to find the culprit, I'm told, pointing fingers at any who so much as sneeze in a suspicious fashion.

Why, the next thing you know, they'll be blaming their old rivals in Tomr─ Wicked white! They would do that, wouldn't they? Damn those thin-bearded blighters! Listen, sinner, you go and tell them that if they try to pin this on us, there'll be consequences...

Those bastards! How dare they theoretically accuse us of petty theft!
Yes, yes, lali-bleeding-h─ Oh, it's you. My apologies, sinner. Been under a bit of stress lately and don't really have time to chat. Although...

Perhaps you can help. I know you welcome these sorts of requests for aid, after all.

Things've been going missing, you see─at first it was just the odd tool here and there, but then the thief began making off with finds from the dig. Valuable finds. If you've got the time, I could use some help in identifying the culprit.

I don't like to think of it, but it's likely that the thief is one of our own. Hard to access the site otherwise, and I've stalk─er, investigated most of the unfamiliar faces in town to no avail.

I can't very well ask you to stroll up to folks with a, “Lali-ho! Done any crimes lately?” But do have a look around─perhaps you can find a clue that I've overlooked. I'll take anything at this point, frankly.
If you're wondering why I don't simply lie in wait by the valuables, well...let's just say that if there's one thing I've learned these past few days, it's that I'm not the subtlest tack.
I don't intend to let this miscreant run amok, though. I'll be here waiting when you have something to report.
Hmm... You don't look to have our criminal stuffed in your pack there, but I take it you've found some manner of clue?

Hold on, I think I've seen this before! It belongs to a young lady in the village, if I'm not mistaken─though I couldn't say how she came by such a valuable trinket.

Seeing as regular folk can hardly fail to notice when something jewel-encrusted goes missing, she'll like as not be wondering where it's gone right about now. You'll probably find her in a panic─all the better for getting her to spill her secrets.
Have a look around the village for any lass who seems out-of-sorts. That's who you'll want to interrogate, mark my words.
Thrice-damned beardless son of a shite-eating hob... Where, oh where could my bloody bracelet have gone!?

You found it? And you're returning it, too? Well, bugger my beard! Thank you ever so much─it was a gift, and I'd hate to have lost it.

A gift from who, you ask? You probably don't know him─he's a guard over at the dig site.

I had no idea that sort of job pays so well, but it must. When we met, he was a right bastard where money was concerned─I could hardly get him to pay for my ale─but of late he's been downright generous. In a much better mood, too. Oh, and so very affectionate. Mm, yes...

Focus on the bracelet? If you insist. I don't know where he got it, though─we don't do a lot of talking.

If you're that curious, you'll have to ask him. He keeps watch over the entrance day and night, so he's not a difficult man to find.
The dig site watch's name? It's, er...hmm. You know, I never asked!
Listen here! If you don't let us in, we'll...we'll...
We'll scream really loudly into your ear! How would you like that, hmm?
Come on! Let us in, let us in!
Come on! You know you want to!
What I want is for you two to bugger off. I'm a watchman, not a stand here while everyone annoys the piss out of me-man!
Don't look now, Anogg, but our very dear friend is here! And so very heavily armed, too.
I'm sure that he can help settle this little dispute.
Of all the─ Why are you here? As if costing me my dinner weren't enough...
How did I afford a jewel-encrusted bracelet on a watchman's salary? That's...that's none of your concern!
What will you say?
Oh, but I have a feeling that the chief will be quite concerned indeed. I recall that you have something of a history with ill-gotten gains...
Hmph. Doubt my words all you like. I won't be intimidated by the likes of you!
Hmph. Doubt my words all you like. I won't be intimidated by the likes of you!
Crack him like an egg!
Go for the beard!
Doubt my words all you like. I won't be intimidated by the likes of you!
...This proves nothing, you hear me? Nothiiing!
Well, I don't know what you were accusing him of, but I'm absolutely sure he's guilty of it.
More importantly, he's made off with the key! After him!
I hope that we're finally close to catching the thief. The machine graveyard is a bothersome enough mystery without all of this nonsense.
This is...<pant>...starting to feel like real work...
The jig is up! Now hand over the key!
We've got you cornered!
I don't think he's alone, Sister...
Oh, dear. A hasty retreat does seem to be in order!
Just so!
That's right, surprise triplets! What now, baldling!?
Very well, I confess. I did it. Or─we did it. We took turns keeping watch while the others picked over items from the dig site and sold off whatever seemed valuable.

And we would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for those meddling kids. Also you, however old you are.

I just wanted to impress her... <sigh> But there's no chance of that now. All I can do is grovel before the chief and hope that he doesn't punish me too harshly.
We've all taken our lesson to heart. No need to worry about us─or to draw your weapon, thank you.
...Also, our convoluted plan turned out to be just as much work as taking the job seriously, in the end, so there's that.
That's case closed, then. It's a good job that you showed up─who knows how long this farce would have continued otherwise.
As for you... You won't be getting any dinner tonight, that's for certain!
No! Anything but the dinner!
To think that I was employing three brothers in disguise this entire time... I doubt I'll be changing my vocation to detective any time soon.