A Shiver Down the Spine

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You there! Kind traveler, strong traveler! The younglings are in danger!
Big, scary creatures! They looked hungry, too!
Please, you must hurry to Samiel's Backbone, east from here! Quickly, there is no time!
You do not know Samiel's Backbone!? Just go east, then!
Do not eat me! Mord fur very hard to swallow, I hear! Tickle your belly, it will!
Great samiel, we are truly sorry!
We are...not dead? Oh, you saved us, that is why! A thousand thousand thank-yous!
I never thought I would be so happy to not be dead! Many thanks, stranger!
I have never been eaten alive before, but I do not imagine it is very pleasant.
If you had not rescued us, we would be in the belly of a beast, and probably not in one piece, either.
You did it! These two have a lot to answer for, though.
You see, those bones once belonged to a mighty samiel, whose ghost still roams the plains! A lot of silly younglings go there to prove their bravery. But there are things much more dangerous than wandering spirits, oh yes!
I wish it was a ghost we had met instead of those horrible brutes! We will not be going back there any time soon!
Speak for yourself! I was hoping to meet the great samiel, so I want to try it again. And I will not have the others calling me a coward for running away!
To tell the truth, I did exactly the same thing when I was their age. It is something of a tradition!
This is one of the ways we learn to fear and respect the desert, but also how we find the courage to face its many dangers. Though on this occasion, I think we would be two younglings short of a village were it not for you! Mord Souq thanks you, traveler!