A Stranger Fuath

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Forename, I know you've already given me your patronage, but will you not consider doing so again?

Thank you! I ask that you deliver this pack of mushrooms to Longmirror Lake. The recipient is a Fuath, and he should give you an alchemical concoction in return.

Now, though the Fuath are a strange folk as a whole, I must warn you that this one is stranger than most. He is far taller than his kindred, for one, and I cannot help but feel unsettled in his presence.

He can provide us with what we need, and so we trade with him. But if truth be told, I would sooner not deal with him in person. Hence my request to you. My thanks in advance.

The Fuath you seek is far taller than his kindred, so he shouldn't be hard to identify. Give him the mushrooms, and he will give you an alchemical concoction in return.
Top of the morning to you, mortal! Wait, is it even morning? Bah, what does it matter? 'Tis a fine day to be a Fuath! Pain, pain, go away! Ohohoho!
What will you say?
Are you really a Fuath? You're the one trading with Wyd Lad?
What an odd thing to ask! But of course I'm a Fuath!
Some mistake me for an elf, and I do not blame them, statuesque as I am. But I assure you, I am a Fuath through and through and through!
Aye, that I am! Wyd Lad and I engage in much trading to our mutual benefit!
But tell me, what brings a good mortal such as yourself here? What business have you with this humble Fuath?

Ah, the mushrooms I've been expecting! I shall enjoy these, oh yes!

And yet...I cannot help but feel disappointed. For rather than coming themself, Wyd Lad sent you instead. <sigh> It was inevitable, I suppose. I knew that, one day, they too would go over to the other side. And you, my friend, are but another brick in the wall. Another cog in the machine, ever grinding...

That's what you came for, yes? So take it and leave me be. I would think upon the state of the new world.

You have what you came for, so leave me be. I would think upon the state of the new world.
Ah, there you are. Did you receive the concoction?

Yes, this is it! My thanks for collecting it! But tell me: what did you think of that Fuath? He's a strange one, yes?

This concoction works wonders on mushrooms─makes them shoot up as nothing else does. It's something that only mortals can make, and in the old days we traded with the Voeburtites for it.

Yet here is a Fuath who is capable of working mortal alchemy... He truly is a mystery wrapped in a mystery.

Though at first I found him novel, I began developing headaches when dealing with him. So from hereon, I intend to send others in my stead. Thank you for sparing me the pain this time!