A Tab in the Dark

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No more excuses! You'll not get another drop until you pay your tab!
But the gemstone I was gonna give you, I lost it on the way back from the mine! It was right there in my hands, I swear!
Then how'd you end up losing it? I don't care what you dug up, it won't be paying off your tab while it's sitting in some ditch.
I ain't makin' it up, honest!

Ah, you there! You don't look the sort to turn your back on a man who's down on his luck. Help me find it, would you?

Here, take this lantern. The gemstone'll glint when the light hits it. Bring it to me, and I'll...errr, think of some way to pay you back!

I've tried lookin' meself, but no joy. Why does nothin' ever go my way!?
You must be a fool to let yourself be caught up in one of his schemes. I don't think a true word's ever come out of his mouth.
Did you find it!?

It's a miracle!

Ahem! I think this should cover it.
It certainly does. But from now on, you'll pay up front for every drink. No more tabs!
I wonder if I'll be able to find any more stones like that? Folk at the Crystarium use them as lenses in some sort of magical cannons, so they sell for a hefty price.
If I manage to dig any more up, I'll take care not to drop 'em! Next time, I might not have someone like you around to help me! Many thanks to you, friend!