A Test of Strength

«In Good Faith
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Again you honor me with your presence, and at a most opportune time. Like the buzzing of many insects does the village talk of your deeds.
A number of my sisters wish to see your strength for themselves with a test of strength. Do you accept their challenge?
Very good. They await you at Bowrest.
I wish you luck in the challenge.
You have come at last! Be welcome, ally of Ronka.
We have hidden three badges in the trees near Fanow for you to find.
Be warned, however, they are guarded by our fiercest warriors.
If you can defeat them and claim the badges, you may claim your prize from Taina. Good luck to you, ally of Ronka. May the blessings of the wood be upon you.
Have care. Our hunters will hold nothing back.
On guard!
You are indeed strong.
Have at you!
Such strength...
You are mine!
Well fought...
You have not won yet!
A glorious defeat.
Our hunters returned badly bruised, yet they seemed quite content with themselves. Were you not able to defeat them?
Ah, but of course! Doubtless they find joy in defeat at the hands of one so esteemed.
You have bestowed upon them a great gift. One they are like to cherish to the end of their days. As promised, here is your reward.