Against the Shadow

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Forename! A letter has arrived. It comes from D'zentsa and O'tchakha. They would speak with us. They bid us come to Dalamud's Talons. What their agenda is, I know not. But I would ask them questions of my own. Professor Erik also sends word. He has learned of the sect of shadow. Soon, he will come to share his knowledge. But before I see him, I would see my former pupils. I wish to believe in them. They are good at heart. Of this I am certain. Come, brother. We go to Dalamud's Talons.
It has been a while. You two look well.
Thanks for coming. For what it's worth, we're sorry that we deceived you.
Know that it is for the benefit of both our sects that we fight. The other day, when you fended off our fellow disciples of shadow, a new chakra opened with you, did it not? Yet the sensation was unlike aught you had felt before.
It's because you opened a chakra belonging to our aspect--the aspect of shadow. The opposite also applies, of course. Fighting a discipline of your sect allows us to open chakra belonging to the aspect of light.
Aspects of light and shadow? If this is the way of it, then why must we fight? Why can we not cooperate?
Our master forbids it, I'm afraid. Our true master, that is.
If truth be told, we shouldn't even be speaking with you. We are not permitted to exchange words--only blows.
They leave us no choice. Come, brother! We will give them the exchange they desire!
<gasp> Ahhh, my chakra has opened... <pant> 'Tis precisely as Master described...
<pant> Yesss, I feel the power surging through me... But if we're to become stronger--if we're to open any more chakra--we must throw ourselves into far fiercer struggles. The kind where lives are on the line.
So long as you are disciples of light, we will continue to come for you, over and over. It cannot end until one side falls, never to rise again.
And that's the reason we called you here. We don't want to hurt you. So please, give up being a monk. Give up any notion of rebuilding the Fist of Rhalgr. And go somewhere far, far away!
They would have me stop being a monk. Same as telling me to stop breathing. Many revelations have there been this day. The existence of opposing aspects of chakra. This not the least of all. We must learn more of it. The professor will soon arrive at Revenant's Toll. Perhaps he can enlighten us.
Thank you for coming, Professor. The information I requested. Were you able to find it?
Of course I was, you incurable dolt! Elsewise I wouldn't have bothered to come all the way to this backwater! Now then, I have many demands on my time, so I shall convey my findings to you at once, and in the most concise manner possible. Ahem! Now it is common knowledge that the Fist of the Rhalgr rose to the zenith of its power by virtue of royal endorsement. Lesser known is the dispute which broke out over this arrangement between two factions within the Fist--the sect of light and the sect of shadow. The head priest of the sect of light believed that an alliance with the royal house of Ala Mhigo was the key to prosperity. However, his counterpart in the sect of shadow disagreed, warning that it would lead to their undoing. History has proven them both right. But I digress. Unsurprisingly, the disciples of each sect rallied to their respective leader's side, and the two factions clashed with words and fists both. In the end, the sect of light prevailed, the alliance with the royal house was sealed, and all members of the sect of shadow were banished from the order. So, in the past, the two sects both belonged to the Fist of Rhalgr, and their disciples trained beside one another as comrades. And yet, though the techniques they employed were identical, the manner in which they harnessed energy was opposed in nature. It was this difference which gave rise to two aspects of chakra. There is a tradition wherein monks from the two schools would meet each other in single combat. In attacking you, I posit that the disciples of shadow are seeking to recreate this tradition. This clashing of light and shadow quickened the aether within, causing a chakra of the opposing aspect to open within them. In simple terms for your simple minds, disciples of light fought to open shadow-aspected chakra, and disciples of shadow fought to open light-aspected chakra. And the implications of this? There are not seven, but fourteen chakra all told. Yes, yes, two sides of the same coin; where there is light, there is shadow, and all that poetic tripe.
One thing I do not understand, Professor. Why can our sects not cooperate? Why must the disciples of shadow attach like common brigands?
A feud caused the rift between the two sects--who's to say there isn't a feud still? I suspect only a member of the sect of shadow can tell you the truth. But now I must be off. I shall inquire further into the matter in my spare time. If there is aught else, you know where to find me.
We must speak with D'zentsa and O'tchakha again. I will try to track them down. As for you, Forename, another chakra has opened within us. You must focus on mastering this new power.