Almost a Friend

«A Disagreeable Dwarf A Practiced Greeting»
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SecondaryQuest1 Icon.png're stayin' around, then? ...Not that I care!

But since you're here, I might as well show you one of my favorite automata!

I present to you the invincible, the unstoppable...Megasonic Frogboy!

He might not look much different to the other models, but I've upgraded him with some new features I invented. Behold!

Ugh, you only need one “La”!
Ugh, you only need one “La”!
...Well? Pretty amazin', huh?

Hey! What's that look for!?

Oh, I see. You're thinkin', “He can greet some overgrown toy just fine, but he's too scared to talk to actual people!” You just don't understand me!
Megasonic Frogboy
<bzzzt> You just don't understand me!
I've got bigger things to worry about than mindin' my manners. You help me out with my stuff, though, and maybe I'll forgive you for underestimatin' me. Just this one time, though!

S-So, I need you to take this coal to Xemutt! She's one of the village elders, and her automaton is due for some fuel.

T-Take that coal to Xemutt! Her automaton must be runnin' low by now...

You must be the visitor Xamott was talking about. What can this old lady do for you?

Oho! On a little errand for Ronitt, are you? That's nice.

I can't get around like I used to, what with this bent back of mine... Would you mind feeding that coal straight into Diligent Spirit there?

There's a fuel chute on the front of Diligent Spirit. That's right, lad, just pour the whole lot in.
Poured the lot in then, have you? Thank you, dear. You're as kind as our Ronitt.

When he heard how my back was giving me trouble, that fine young lad went and hammered together my oddly named helper here. Hardly a day goes by when he doesn't stop past to see it's working properly.

Aye, he's a surly boy, but his heart's in the right place.

It's just a pity he handles his failures with frustration...

If he persevered with his greetings instead of lashing out, I'm sure he'd be capable of a lovely “lali-ho.”

Actually, I'm surprised he even asked you to bring me my fuel. I've never known him to do that before─not with anyone.

I've a feeling you'll be the one to get through to him, lad, patient, if you can. Thank you again for the delivery!
You delivered the coal to Xemutt, then!?

Wait! She...she didn't say anythin' strange about me, did she? for the help. Maybe you and I can be friends after all. “Maybe,” I said!