An Express Delivery

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Please, sir, can you help me?

My brother recently left to the Crystarium, but he forgot his journal. He would be devastated to know he left it behind.

If you hurry, you can likely find him before he reaches Lakeland.

He's rather tall and has red hair, so he should be easy to spot. Please go and deliver it to him, I beg of you.

That journal means the world to him. He must have it.
Yes? ...Something from my sister?

By the abyss, my journal! Thank you, sir. Thank you so much.

I thought I should pay one last visit to what remains of our old home and offer a prayer to our parents. And it's a good thing I did, it seems.

If I may, I'd like to ask you a question.

I can only assume you've been to all sorts of places, and seen incredible things in your travels.

But do you ever get tired of being constantly on the move? Do you ever yearn to return home?
What will you say?
At times, yes. Can't say that I have.
And yet here you are. I could only hope to have such conviction.
I see. Truly, you are a man of great conviction to stay so focused on the tasks before you.
I can learn much from your example. All the more reason I should get going to the Crystarium.
Thanks again for the journal. Tell my sister I said thank you, as well.
Were you able to find him? Is he doing all right?

Thank goodness.

After Master Matoya arrived, and began helping us piece our lives back together, he was constantly at her side learning all he could of the world outside the Greatwood. Everything he learned is written in that journal.

His dream is to become a craftsman to someday help rebuild Fort Gohn.

It pains me to see him leave, and I know it was hard for him too.

But in the end, we both know it will be for the best.