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Fortune is with us, honored ally. A Brotherhood scout has chanced upon a convocation of our hated foe, the Flamefangs, and surreptitiously learned of their insidious scheming. They plan to pull the strings of their tempered puppets, and orchestrate another kidnapping raid.

It is the intelligence provided by these tempered spies that affords the Flamefangs such a wealth of victims. This cannot be allowed to continue! We must gouge out their hidden eyes, and blind them to the movements of their prey!

You are no stranger to Little Ala Mhigo, I trust? Though it appears a haven for travelers and merchants, it is naught but a rotting corpse riddled with flame-addled maggots.

We are fortunate, then, that you may walk among them unchallenged. Go to Little Ala Mhigo, honored ally, and do that which our Amalj'aa soldiers cannot: root out the tempered, and make of it a haven in truth.
...What's this? You claim Little Ala Mhigo has been infiltrated by tempered agents?
I wish I could refute you, but I have had my suspicions... It explains how the Amalj'aa are able to set such well-timed ambushes. With spies inside the settlement, 'twould be an easy feat to learn the schedules of visiting merchants and the like.
Commander, sir! We've just received reports of Amalj'aa kidnappers attacking a caravan of travelers! They're dragging their captives off into Zanr'ak even as we speak!
Again!? Damn those blasted lizards! This is the fifth time this moon!

<sigh> Most of my troops are still recovering from the last engagement... Sergeant, I need you to assemble a squad and chase down those kidnappers. Take whoever can swing a blade!

Care to lend a hand, adventurer? I've naught but raw recruits for this mission, and your presence may make all the difference. Pray join my soldiers out in the field as soon as you can.

I've marked the destination of my troops on your map. Swiftly now! Go crack some beastman skulls!
Ugh! <pant> <pant> <pant> Commander...avenge us!
Who are─ Ah, Gisilbehrt sent an adventurer to wipe our arses, did he? Well, you're too late! With these soldiers down, his entire unit is in tatters!
Bwahahaha! All it took was the right word in the right ear, and away they scrambled. It was like leading lame phurbles to slaughter!
You... You're one of the newer recruits... You swore an oath to the Immortal Flames!
An oath? Pah, my loyalty belongs to none but Lord Ifrit Himself. And the Flamefangs are generous to those who serve well.

The Immortal Flames of Little Ala Mhigo are now naught but the walking wounded─the Amalj'aa will be able to raid with abandon! And the soldiers we've captured this day will make fine additions to the Lord of the Inferno's army!

Hm? You're still here? You think to punish me? Ahahaha, that's rich!

I have allies lingering nearby. And very soon, the main company of the Flamefangs will be arriving to take possession of the “spoils.” If you lay a hand on me, you'll be making some very powerful enemies!

You─ You can't be serious! Flamefangs! To me!

H-How did you...? Who are you!?

Th-This was not supposed to h-happen! They were meant to detain you until the main company arrived!

Nooo! You stay away from me!
Forename! What in the seven hells is going on here!?
Gahaha! Our net has caught some rare fish, indeed.

The Brotherhood of Ash. They shame the Amalj'aa with their petulant refusal to submit to Lord Ifrit's cleansing fire.

They are naught but ghosts of a fading past─so lacking in strength they resort to consorting with the slave races.
You. You are Zagozz Teh!
Enough games, lizardman! What have you done with the captives!?
Hells take you, you bastard!

Ngh! Ugh...

I've never felt...such heat...
<pant> <pant> <pant> ...Leave me... I'm done for... Please...make the Commander Gisilbehrt...
Gods, Forename, I can scarce believe it! A tempered spy within our own ranks!

My men, killed or taken... The lizardmen wanted more than merchants: they were after the Immortal Flames from the very beginning! And I all but bloody served them up on a silver platter!

I...I beg of you, adventurer: save the soldiers that yet live from a fate worse than death. Meanwhile, I'll see what I can do to salvage the tatters of my command...
I thank you for your report, honored ally. This Zagozz Teh you encountered is the fetid maw that drives the Flamefangs. His sole purpose is to bolster the numbers of tempered.

Each new fire-seared slave feeds the inferno of their god's powers, and, in turn, the flames of Ifrit's altars bless the zealots of Zanr'ak with unholy strength.

The miserable sparks of their ambition must be stamped out! Go, honored ally, and break the captives free of their cages. Slay the gaolers in the encampment to liberate the keys!
I didn't think... I had made my peace with the gods. My thanks.
You're freeing me? It was an Immortal Flame who captured me in the first place; I no longer know whom to trust...
I lose my home to the Empire, and then my freedom to the beastmen? The gods must truly despise me.
I was stretched out on me bedroll, gazin' up at the stars, when some bugger bashed me in the noggin. Next thing I know, I'm wakin' up in a cage. Say, ye happen to know the way to Little Ala Mhigo?
You have dealt our foe a crippling blow, mighty ally. My warrior's blood sings at the thought of the confusion and devastation you have brought to Zahar'ak.
Loonh Gah, be still! What enrages you so?
You know damn well what! That was the animal that savaged my mother! I'll tear out his heart and string him up by his entrails!
Know yourself, young warrior. You are not yet ready to face the likes of Zagozz Teh. Should you confront your enemy now, you will die a whimpering cur's death.
What are you saying, Warleader!? Is it because I am Miqo'te? Will I forever be too weak to match Amalj'aa strength!?
Foolish child! I say only that you lack martial wisdom. You imagine slights where none exist!
Warleader! Loonh Gah's kin must be avenged! I shall fight at her side. Let us rouse the Brotherhood, and smash this Flamefang snake once and for all!
No. Against their assembled ranks we would but invite our own destruction. And our laws are clear.

Loonh Gah, this is a blood vendetta. None may aid you in its resolution. Only through the glory of victory shall the shame of your defeat be expunged.

If you've the spirit to rail and curse, then use it to build your strength. For strength is all that will aid you now.
Bah! Sands take you all!
It is said that the drake will drop its own offspring into a ravine to watch it claw its way up. So it is with the Amalj'aa.