An Immaculate Home

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This aggression will not stand, kupo! Nidhogg's meddlesome minions have swarmed the plaza in front of Zenith.

We need to do something to teach them a lesson. One of them even had the gall to make a nest right in front of the holy place, if you can believe that. I need you to snatch an egg from it─that'll teach them to breed where they don't belong!

We cannot tolerate Nidhogg's dragons breeding on holy ground. Steal an egg from the nest to show those dragons they're not welcome here!
The nerve of that dragon, making a nest in such holy grounds. Did you have any trouble stealing the egg, kupo?

That... That egg is larger than I imagined! Oh? You want to know what I plan on doing with it?

Why, I'm going to march right back to that dragon and give it back the egg! But not before giving it an earful! I'll have it know this is Hraesvelgr's domain, and we won't tolerate untidy nests around here, kupo!