An Unwanted Proposal

«A Beeautiful Plan

Put to the Proof»

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Glad to see my distraction proved successful.
Let us hurry to Slitherbough. The others are waiting.
After we've returned, the two of you should rest a while. No doubt Runar will be eager to have you sample his cooking.
As soon as I discover anything of import, you will be the first to know.
Urianger has tended to Minfilia's wounds, but I fear his garrulous nature has gotten the better of him.
Welcome back, Forename. Now that you're here, there's something I want to ask you.
Urianger told me that Thancred was something of a rogue in the past. “As a wolf among sheep,” he said. What did he mean by that? Do you know?
Rest assured Y'shtola and I shall work with all haste to decipher the tablet and its secrets.
Please, go and rest. Urianger and I will call you the moment we finish.
Forename! The guard told me you left with Master Matoya to Woven Oath.
And no sooner do you return than she locks herself away in her chambers without so much as a word.
She knows how I worry when she leaves without telling me. <sigh> But she is safe, and that is all that matters.
You must be hungry after such a journey. Why not have a seat there by the fire? The stew will soon be ready.
I confess I am not the greatest of cooks, but I have yet to hear any complaints.
That Eulmore has gained a foothold here in these woods bodes ill for the Night's Blessed.
Surely there's something we can do to help the Night's Blessed... Isn't there?
The guard hath been afflicted with a most terrible and efficacious poison.
We have attempted all manner of healing incantations. Alas, his condition remains unchanged.
At present, we can but slow the poison's advance. I pray it will afford us sufficient time to find a cure.