And Justice Feral

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I have seen you around, traveler. You like making yourself useful, yes? There is work for you, if you are willing.

One of the lizards that I raised for meat escaped some time past. I thought it would have been eaten by predators by now, but a miner from Twine said that it attacked her. It seems to have grown into quite the brute.

Which brings me to the job in question. I want you to put a stop to its mischief. Kill it, in other words. I would recommend softening its hide first with a splash of this oil.

Once you have taken care of it, bring me its meat. No point letting it go to waste.

I heard it was prowling around the outskirts of the village, to the west. And I will know from the smell if you attempt to fob me off with meat from another lizard, so do not even try!

Most of the lizards look the same, so we tell them apart by their scent. This one smells like burned leather, which matches what the miner from Twine told us.
Killed it, you say? Prove it.

Very good. That beast put us through a lot of trouble, so it is about time we had something to show for it.

They are usually quite harmless when they are young, but this one was a vicious little bastard, even then.

Heh! This serves him right for mauling passersby. If he had any sense, he would have disappeared for good.

Anyway, I will dry this meat and send it to Twine by way of apology. For you, this should be an ample reward.