And Then There Were None

«When Beavers Cry
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No, this is not the time for tears. If we hurry, we might still prevent the unthinkable from coming to pass.
You see, the marble─it was Kenn Gyuf's treasure, and Uin Hagan had always wanted one like it.
Now, Uin Hagan went to collect the marble near the lake, yes? I will give chase and try to find them.
Meanwhile, I need you to return to Phisor Lran to see if there's any change with the beaver. Afterwards, let us meet at the stables yonder.
<squeal> <squeal>
<squeal> <squeal>
<sigh> Try as I might, I couldn't find Uin Hagan. What of the beaver?
What!? Uin Hagan too!? It's my fault! It's all my fault! <sob>
...No, it's the beaver that's to blame! It's all that accursed creature's doing! Grrr, I'm going to teach it a lesson it'll never forget!
<squeal> <squeal> <squeal>
<squeal> <squeal>
<squeal> <squeal>
<squeal> <squeal>
<squeal> <squeal> <squeal>
<squeal> <squeal>
Hm? You want to play, do you?
...Is that so? Well, it's got naught to do with me. I don't owe you anything.
If you want a reward, you must play with me first. It's only fair. Let's see, now... Yes, a couple of years ought to do it.
...Truly!? Oh, those shoes are the loveliest! When Lad Kenn flaunted them, it made me so jealous! Ah, to think that they'll be mine now!
Here's a little something by way of thanks! With that, I'm off to collect my shoes! Tee hee!