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Thank you, friend! Your presence will go a long way in teaching the lad that there's more to being an adventurer than gallivanting about making bold and baseless proclamations. Now, without any further ado, allow me to explain the ground rules.
The name of the game here at the Moonfaire Fire is collecting Faire vouchers. These can be acquired through displays of your adventuring prowess, and subsequently redeemed for a host of enticing rewards.
You can receive a whopping four vouchers for successfully demonstrating your high-flying acrobatic aptitude in the Eorzean Nimble Warrior course. To participate, simply speak to the course registrar standing over by the shore.
If you're the type who'd rather keep your feet on the ground, you can also receive a single voucher each time you complete the Iron Culinarian Challenge or the Angling Extravaganza. You can take part in these by speaking to my colleagues Hildelana or J'nangho, respectively.
Should you have any other pressing questions about the festivities, Ethelia and her fellow Faire attendants would be happy to tell you more. Now, go out there and show us all─particularly a certain malapert Miqo'te─what you've got! I reckon four vouchers should be enough to put him in his place. Acquire them in whatever manner you prefer, then bring them back to me.
Enjoying the festivities, friend? Remember, once you've acquired four vouchers, come back and show them to me. Together, we'll show that cocksure lad that a true adventurer walks the walk without all the talk!
Oho! Back so soon? Let me've already acquired four vouchers for yourself?
One, two, three...and four!
And all without even breaking a sweat! R'fhul Tia has yet to return, so I do believe that I can officially declare you the winner of this competition.
...Not that the outcome was ever in much doubt, of course. Anyhow, your decisive triumph should go a long way toward giving R'fhul Tia some much-needed perspective. Speaking of which, did you happen to see the lad out there?
To tell the truth, I worry for the boy. When he first came to us a few years back, all starry-eyed and gushing about how he was going to be a great adventurer, I was happy for him. After all, what is the Moonfire Faire for, if not to encourage spirited young lads like him to join the ranks of those fighting for our realm?
What's more, word has it that the lad lost his family. That one of the reasons he's so determined to follow this path is so he might protect his dear sister in his departed father's stead. That's why I'm all the more worried that he's in over his head.
Mind you, we all know how it feels to get a touch overeager at our first taste of success. But this lad is taking this to an entirely unhealthy extreme. If he doesn't watch out, he's going to get himself killed out there.
...That's why I had the idea to recruit you for this little competition. Just maybe, I thought, a small taste of failure at the hands of one of his more accomplished peers, would teach him─gently, mind you─that there was still much for him to learn.
Speaking of which, could I bother you to look around and check in on the boy? Just to ensure that he hasn't gotten himself into any trouble, that is. I'd go myself, but I'd be causing trouble myself if I abandoned my post in the middle of the festivities!
Last I heard, R'fhul Tia had a mind to take on the Eorzean Nimble Warrior course and win himself four vouchers in one fell swoop. Perhaps you could find him or his little sister over by the shore?
Last I heard, R'fhul Tia was talking about taking on the Eorzean Nimble Warrior course. Would you be so kind as to go and check on the lad? Just to see that he hasn't gotten himself into any trouble and all...
Oh, hello, Forename! Are you looking for Fhul?
Hmmm... I don't know how many slips of paper he has, but I do know that he's trying really, really hard!
I just saw him over there by the spraying water, talking to that man in the colorful clothes. Maybe he can tell you more about how Fhul is doing. I know! Why don't we go talk to him together?
Sorry to trouble you, friend, but you're doing great service by taking your time to be a role model for the lad. The guild needs more adventurers like you.
And a very happy Moonfire Faire to you, little girl! I trust that you're enjoying the festivities?
Hello, mister! Do you know where my brother went? His name is R'fhul Tia, and he's a great adventurer!
R'what...? Can't say the name rings any─ Ah! You must be talking about that cocksure Miqo'te lad who just dropped by a short while ago!
Why, if I'm not mistaken, I do believe that's him right over there. Yes, he's just about to take on the Eorzean Nimble Warrior course!
This is most exciting, don't you think? Ah─I've an idea! Why don't I give you a play-by-play of your brother's daring attempt at the course? That way, you can experience every death-defying leap as if you were right there with him! All right, here goes nothing!
Here we have our brave young challenger, R'fhul Tia! Look at the fire burning in his eyes as he readies himself for the challenge before him! Yes, the boy lacks not for confidence or determination, but will that be enough to carry him to victory today?
And he's off and running! There's really no need to run into the water jet, but hey, whatever floats the lad's boat. He approaches the water, and...
There he goes! Look at him shoot up, high, high into the sky! He flies through the air, and...!
...Yes, he's landed! With remarkable balance and poise given his relative youth and inexperience, he stands safely on the starting platform, with the Eorzean Nimble Warrior course looming before him! Yes, now the true challenge begins!
The boy takes a few measured steps. He looks forward to the platform in front of him, and with a confident nod, he leaps, and...!
Gods be good! He's lost his balance on the landing! Has the Miqo'te lad's brave challenge come to a sudden, shocking end!?
But! He's still up there!
Yes, he's hanging on for dear life! What strength! What remarkable resilience!
Hah! A slight miscalculation on the angle, nothing more. I'll just pull myself...right up...and...
Oh, the ignominy! The agony of defeat! R'fhul Tia's challenge is over, but not for lack of effort! Give the boy a round of applause!
Fhul! Fhul, are you okay!?
Forename! We have to help Fhul!
I bet this man can tell us how Fhul is doing!
I had high hopes for the lad, but alas! It would seem he still needs a bit more seasoning. No shame in that, of course. We all have to start somewhere, after all!
<pant> <pant> Th...thank you, friend. Why...why do I feel like this isn't the first time this has happened?
<pant> <pant> I Th...thank you, friend. I'm not sure what happened up there. One moment the platform was underneath my feet, and the wasn't.
B-But Forename, why are you here!? We are in the midst of a heated contest, after all! You should be out there collecting vouchers, not showing sympathy for your rival!
Oh, Fhul! Are you hurt? You should rest for a bit! Here, come with me!
Rest? But I─ Ah, I suppose you're right. The contest can wait. After all, I don't expect Forename here has more than a voucher or two at this point.
Speaking of which, why don't you come along? These faire games take quite a bit out of you─I imagine you're as exhausted as I am. Yes, I do believe there should be suitable place to rest just over thereabouts.
Fhul! Fhul, are you okay!? Speak to me, Fhul!
Ah, yes! I do believe all I needed was a little rest. Yes, just watch me! Now that I know precisely how that course works, I'm going to tear through it in record time! You'd best hurry back out there yourself, lest I get the jump on you in our little competition.
Speaking of which, Forename...have you managed to get your first voucher yet? They certainly don't make it easy...
What will you say?
Answer 1
Actually, I have four.
What do you think?
Bahahaha! That's a good one, my friend! As if any adventurer could acquire four whole vouchers in such a You aren't serious...are you?
Why, I...I'm not... Could you be saying that you already have two? But that would be... Wait...three, even? I'm not sure I like where this is going... You don't seriously have all four?
But that's impossible! Inconceivable! How could anyone acquire four vouchers so fast!?
Wow, Forename! You're really something! Isn't he, Fhul?
This can't be! I...I realize that I'm still new to this adventuring business, but never did I think there would be such a pronounced─and quite frankly, somewhat embarrassing─difference in skill between the two of us.
But there is no arguing with the evidence before me. I am simply in awe of your prowess, friend. You are a role model to me and anyone who has ever aspired to be an adventurer!
Why, to think I was so foolish as to think that I could compete with an honest-to-gods hero in earnest! Just thinking of it, I want to slap that brash and brazen boy in the face with a large harbor herring!
But just you watch, Forename. I'm going to train harder than ever before, and hone my skills over time, just the way you did. One day, when I truly have the talent to back up my words, will you accept my challenge once more?
Thank you, friend! You've given me all the inspiration I need today!
Yes, it's high time I embarked on my next adventure! Why, I do believe I'll join my companions in investigating those curious rumors surrounding Tam-Tara Deepcroft!
Hm? What's this? Majha?
Hello, hello...Fhul?
Yes, it's me, Majha. Whatever is the matter? You gave your big brother a fright, just running off like that...
I'll be a good girl and stay out of trouble, so... Just promise me you'll take me to the faire again next year, okay?
And promise me you'll take care of yourself, and not go anywhere too dangerous. I know you're a great adventurer, but, please... I just want you to be safe...
I promise, Majha. Your brother has learned an important lesson today. I'm going to follow in the footsteps of Forename here, and become an adventurer that you can truly be proud of.
I'm already proud of you, Fhul. Hey, Forename. Do you have any advice for my brother? He really looks up to you, you know.
What will you say?
Answer 1
!Take one step at a time.
!Don't run headlong into a horde of monsters.
I see, I see... Start small, and gradually gain confidence and experience through small victories. Try to do too much too soon, and you'll end up dangling by a thread from certain I was just before.
I see, I see... No matter how confident you might be, approach potentially dangerous situations with care and caution, lest you end up overmatched and overwhelmed before you know it!
Thank you ever so much, my friend! Why, I've learned so much from you today that I feel like I've already grown leaps and bounds. I can't wait to put my newfound knowledge to use in my adventures!
And with that, I do believe that Majha and I should be off. Pray give my regards to Master Haermaga, and assure him that I've taken today's lesson to heart.
Farewell, my friend. It has been an honor and a pleasure to do battle with you. Until the day we meet again, may you have the best of fortune in your adventures!
Bye-bye, Forename! See you again someday!
Fhul had a short nap, and now he's ready to go!
Welcome back, friend! Did you manage to find R'fhul Tia? He hasn't gotten himself hurt, has he?
...You don't say. Well, it sounds as if he's learned his lesson. And given how much the lad looks up to you, I reckon it's a lesson he'll not soon forget.
Be proud, friend. Adventurers like you are an inspiration to one and all─not just the boy, but everyone who's seen your exploits here at the faire today!
Ah, but before I forget! We had a special gift prepared for you to thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty. Here you go─I can't think of anyone who deserves it more!
And with that, I should return to my duties. I leave you to enjoy the festivities. Remember, you are free to take on the challenges and showcase your skill as often as you like!