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Appetite for Destruction

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This page is a Stub for items and information from the Heavensward Patch 3.0 series of patches. Please expand it if you have additional details, or remove this template from the page if the article is complete.
«Stop the Senseless Killing

A Fistful of Resolve»

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Time is running out. D'zentsa's life will soon be forfeit. We must act now.

Alas, we did not find it. A way to open the seventh chakra. But we must act nonetheless.

O'tchakha has gone to Little Ala Mhigo. She fears for her friend. Let us join her.

We must rescue D'zentsa. But how...?
Zentsa is still alive, but I fear she'll not remain so much longer. But moments ago, she was taken to the ruins to the south.

You will have already heard, but I couldn't find a bloodless way to open chakra of an opposing aspect.

Thus far, you have opened thirteen chakra─the most of us three. But one more, and you could face H'raha Tia as an equal...

Fight me, Forename, and make the final chakra yours!
How will you respond?
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! Very well. Let's get this over with. ! No, this isn't the way.

No, brother! If O'tchakha dies, victory would have no meaning!

We need power. This is true. But at what cost? You must remember what is truly important. Or you will commit a grave mistake. As I once did.

Listen to Forename. He speaks the truth. It is not the way.

We need power. This is true. But at what cost? If you die, D'zentsa would grieve. Victory would have no meaning.
Remember my words. All our chakra may not be open. But we have each other. Together, we can defeat H'raha Tia. We can rescue D'zentsa.
The disciples of our sects once fought side by side. Let us do so again. As we did in the days of old.
Thank you, Widargelt. I shall stand with you.
First, I will try to persuade H'raha Tia. Convince him to see reason. But if my words fail, be ready to fight.
Zentsa was taken to the ruins to the south. We must hurry before it's too late!
We go to confront H'raha Tia. Are you ready, brother?

Hear me, H'raha Tia! We come, but not to accept your demands!

Nay, we would remind you of the past! Of the true nature of our order!

Our two sects once fought beside each other. Not against. Together, we can achieve much. Let us join hands, brother. And rebuild the Fist of Rhalgr!
Hmph, cowards like you bring shame upon our order. Plainly, it is you who needs to be reminded of our true nature.

The arduous training to hone mind and body, the blood we spill and shed─all of it is for no other purpose but to honor the Destroyer.

We pay Him great tribute by dueling to the death. And in return, He grants us great power: the power of all fourteen chakra.

By consorting with the royal house, the disciples of light lost sight of their true nature. For this, Rhalgr visited destruction upon them.
But in His wisdom, you were spared, that your existence─feeble though it is─might serve to raise us higher. Upon your battered bodies, the Fist of Rhalgr shall be restored to its former glory!
You are wrong. The sect of light was undone, but not as you say. We misused our power. We turned it upon our own people. For this, we were cast down.

Now you misuse your power. You turn it upon your own comrades. It is the same. It will end the same. You will destroy yourselves as we did.

Do not make the same mistake, brother. If we are to survive, we must find another way. A way to prosper together. Or we shall perish in vain. All of us.

Those who have power must choose. You must choose. With it, will you pave the way for life? Or will you destroy it? Surely, the choice is clear.
I grow weary of your blathering. You have already declared your unwillingness to meet my demands. There is naught more to discuss.
Take the adventurer alive─he will yet prove useful to us. Kill the rest!
Zentsa! Are you all right!?
You came... Thank you...
So you have turned against me, the both of you. Have you forgotten who it was that saved you all those years ago?

But I pride myself on being a forgiving man. In lieu of an apology, I shall accept your life force.

Ahahaha! Your power is mine! Be glad, my wayward pupils, that you were useful to me at the end!

Magnificent! My body is as a raging furnace! It shall be as child's play to unleash my ultimate technique!
It ends here!
Can it be? Your final chakra has opened?
That's the only explanation! Which means that Forename's now an equal with H'raha Tia!
If we fight together, we may yet triumph!
Triumph, you say? I do not recall having raised such a foolish child.

Forename is as a suckling babe with his new chakra, while my entire being is fairly ablaze with the life energy of three monks!

It matters not how many of you there are! You cannot hope to defeat me!
Tchakha has told me everything. Thank you, Forename.
To be reunited with Zentsa... Words cannot well express my relief.
It is over. Zentsa is safe. Together, we achieved the impossible.

Yet my heart is heavy. I failed to convince H'raha Tia.

Every step I take, blood is spilled. With my power, I know only destruction.
That's not true, Widargelt. A monk's power can also be used to save, like you saved us.
We have a favor to ask of you. If you are still intent on rebuilding the Fist of Rhalgr, we would lend you our aid.
We'd bring whoever's left of our sect. Together, we can restore the order to the way it used to be, with disciples of light and shadow side by side.
And together, we can think about what power means to us. Thinking about it alone, your mind's liable to take you to a dark place. Better to have comrades around who share your cause, I reckon.
With H'raha Tia gone, Forename is the only soul left who has opened all fourteen chakra. And a soul of gentleness he is.

He did not seek power for its own sake, yet he has reached the zenith of our art. In so doing, he has shattered our old preconceptions and shown us another path.

And in opening his final chakra by stopping Master's technique, he has given us hope that there is a way to open all chakra without bloodshed.
Thank you, D'zentsa, O'tchakha. Together, we will create a new path. And lay a new foundation for our order!

Forename. It is to your shining example that we turn.

You are as a star. We look up to it. We strive to reach its heights.

The way may be dark. And it may be filled with hardship. But come what may, we will forge on. Towards your light.
Promise me this, brother. Ever use your powers for good. And for the realm!

Battle Dialogue

I was not strong enough...
Ungh... Please take care of Zentsa...
I'm sorry, Tchakha...
Hold off H'raha Tia, Forename! We will unbind D'zentsa!
Hold on, Zentsa!
Tchakha!? And you two as well!?
You think you can defeat me? Fools!
Impressive. Mayhap a different approach is in order.
Beware, Forename! I sense a torrent of energy!
It seems your awakening is at hand. How curious.
Their ranks have thinned out! Now's our chance!
Such power! My body can scarcely contain it!
Fear not, brother! You are now his equal!
Focus on Master, Forename! We'll keep the rest occupied!
Past time I made myself useful!
Play time is over! Prepare yourselves!
Something comes! Be careful!
Master, please! We need not fight any longer! There is another way!
Forename opened his final chakra, and he did it without hurting you!
This changes nothing. Mine is the one true path. It is to exalt Rhalgr that we fight.
So it ends here...