Assault on a Deadly Weapon

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Oooh! What to do? What to do?

I want to make traditional Mord stew and I only need one more ingredient─Amber weed.

But it has become scarce around here, except for in an area that is plagued by evil weapons!

Funny name, not so funny when they are trying to kill you, though! There is an especially horrible one called the wandering weapon who the others seem to follow.

If you could get rid of it, the rest might leave us alone. Then I can finally harvest Amber weed in peace. So, will you help us

I hate that wandering weapon and its big, stupid face!
You did it? Hooray! Now that Amber weed will be mine! Heh heh heh...

But I wonder if the other evil weapons will come back... I hear they were made by the mages of Nabaath Areng from enchanted swords. Do not ask me how they ended up looking like that, though!

Apparently, their masters disappeared after the Flood. With no one to command them, they have been prowling around Amber, attacking everything that comes close!

I hope that by getting rid of the wandering weapon, they will stay away for a while, but who can say? All I know is, I can make my stew now! My stomach thanks you!