Bearing with It

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Out of the Wood»
The Stewards of Note»

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The eldest and most powerful of primals... Gods. If that were Hydaelyn's origin, then what would that make─ ...No. No, I will not take the words of an Ascian on trust. It has to be a lie.
Thancred did tell me about primals...but I don't fully understand what all of this means.
'Tis oft said truth is a matter of perspective. Yet upon this matter, there can be but one truth. I only pray it is not his.
Forename, you are returned! But...something troubles you. Is aught amiss?
What has happened to the sky!? I have never seen anything like it!
The sky, is beautiful.
Though recent events plainly warrant further discussion, I think it best that we wait until Alphinaud and the others are present.
...Emet-Selch included. How convenient that he should choose this moment to keep to the shadows. matter. For the present, we should return to Fanow and make certain of the Eulmorans' withdrawal.
After that, Slitherbough. The Blessed are no doubt elated by what has become of the sky.
You are returned. And unharmed, I see.
Indeed. I am pleased to report that the Lightwarden is no more, thanks in large part to you.
That the death of a single sin eater should make such a difference...
As our numbers waned, so too did our hope that the ruins we have devoted our lives to guarding would ever find purpose.
Yet here you are, the allies for whom we have waited these many centuries. And with your arrival came the chance to pass on our legacy─the ancient wisdom of the empire.
That alone would have been reward enough... Never did we imagine it would serve to banish the Light that pervaded these woods.
On behalf of the Viis, our forebears, and the late emperor of Ronka, you have our deepest thanks.
It is we who should be thanking you. Our journey through the Qitana Ravel proved...most enlightening.
To be privy to such knowledge is an honor. One for which we never hoped...
Please, you need not be so humble!
We but do our duty as decreed by the late emperor. Would that he were still with us to express his gratitude in person.
But sister, does this not mean our duty is fulfilled?
To our allies, perhaps, but the ruins cannot be left unguarded.
So long as we live here in these woods, the secrets of Ronka must not fall into the wrong hands.
Is Runar still here?
No, we escorted him back to Slitherbough shortly after you set out.
If you would return to the Night's Blessed, we will not keep you any longer. I suspect they would be glad of your company.
Thank you, Almet. I look forward to a day when we might share a more leisurely visit to the ruins of Ronka.
We will await your return, then.
Should you have need of the wisdom of Ronka again, you know where to find us.
Be it a year from now or ten, we look forward to your return.
Perhaps someday we will visit your home instead.