The bat is a genus of small, flying beasts [1] that contains two species: the common bat and the kalong. Bats subsist on a diet of blood drained from other bloodborn creatures, most commonly other beastkin. [2] This tendency is a known cause of disease transmission, [3] giving rise to tales that the bite of a bat can cause a sickness that leads men to froth at the mouth and lust after the blood of his kin. [4] Defeating bats that threaten life and livestock can prove a challenge, however, as the bat bewilders its prey with ceaseless flittering, which makes attacking the beast an exercise in frustration[5].

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Bat Kalong

  1. In FINAL FANTASY XI, bats were a type of bird (a common mistake made by Old World naturalists). This doesn't seem to have carried over to FINAL FANTASY XIV, where they are often called beasts and compared to rats (rodents of the Beastkin class), such as in the Version 1.0 levequest, When Bats Cry.
  2. Bat Action: Blood Drain
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