Bridge to the Other Side

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Do you want to hear a ghost story? Of course you do...
The old pig farm over yonder once belonged to a family known as the “Greelys.”
It was around, oh, ten winters ago now that their entire sty was butchered by a pack of wild animals. The farm never recovered, and the family scattered to the winds.
The Greelys' daughter and her betrothed sought refuge here in Wright, but misfortune's grasp would not surrender them so easily.
The lad was slain by Dikaiosyne last year, when the eater attacked our village...
And the lass, mad with grief, threw herself from the bridge that bears her family's name. Drowned right there in the river.
Ever since, folk have avoided that spot, convinced that Greely Bridge is haunted by the girl's anguished spirit.
You think the tale a tall one? Go to the bridge yourself, then, and call out her name─“Ismella.”
Go on, then. Stand atop Greely Bridge and call the spirit for yourself. “Ismella” was her name...
There were two spirits!? Ah, I think I see─the young lady was with child...
...It truly was the ghost of Ismella, then.
May their souls be returned to the sea of stars. We can but pray that such tragedy never again visits us in this lifetime...
And pray forgive my frivolous words from before. I had thought only to give you a fright, and instead you gifted those spirits with the peace they deserved. Thank you...