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Carnivals and Confrontations

«Heads, I Win
«Tails, You Lose

One Way to Do It»

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Lali-what a conveniently timed entrance-ho! I was just thinking that I ought to send someone to check on Anogg and Konogg.
They're still poking and prodding at those whatsits you dug up in the ruins. Which is all well and good until one of them sets off another explosion...
What will you say?
Say no more. I wouldn't want anything to happen to the artifacts. Oh, I'm sure you'll notice if they blow up anything important.
Thank you. You know how they get when they're curious about something.
By which point it'll be too late!
Not to mention that our annual carnival is fast approaching. There's plenty that wants doing before we're ready, and I need those two to start pulling their weight.

While you're looking in on them, remind them they've got duties outside of tinkering with rusty thingamabobs, will you? Maybe they'll listen if it's you doing the nagging.

They seem to respect you─much as they respect anyone. Must be all the violence.

You'll find them in the tunnels, of course. Can't lure them out of there for love nor money─and believe me, I've tried.
Don't like to leave those two unsupervised when I can help it, but I've got my hands full as it is.
Maybe it's supposed to do that...?
Ah, there you are. Can you believe this!?

I waited through days of "processing," broke multiple tools, and after all of that...

Ugh. Ugh! Stupid son of a hob-swiving...
Anogg, not everyone is privy to your inner thoughts. Allow me to explain.
The pod confirmed that this device grants the user access to some sort of weaponry, which presumably means that it is indeed the key of which 2P spoke.
Unfortunately, no sooner had we gotten it working than it stopped again. Based on our previous experiences, we assume that it's run out of power, and will require a supplementary energy source.
So let's hurry up and find one! The sooner we get the key working, the sooner we can pulverize our enemies.
Now, wait just a moment. We aren't even certain what sort of weaponry is involved here. Even if we get the key working again, we shouldn't activate it willy-nilly.
Honestly, Konogg. This ceaseless whining of yours is why we never make any progress!
It's not whining, it's being ethical and prudent!
What will you say?
Must you two always bicker so? Shall the victor be the first to draw blood, or the last man standing?
Why not both?