Children of the Derelicts

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Oh, stranger, please tell me you saw a group of four children while making your way here. I swear, they vanished in the space of an eyeblink!
I've told them it's dangerous to wander about by themselves, what with the damage from the riot and the sheer drop to the ocean below, but they never listen. And now I can't find them anywhere...
Would you please help me search for them? The longer they're left to their own devices, the greater the chance that they'll come to harm.
Honestly, I take my eyes off of them for a single moment...
Mother wants us home? But we're playing hide-and-seek!
Hush! I'm hiding!
Tell mother that we're not going near the ocean, so we'll be fine. And tell me if you find anyone else!
Eeek! Oh, you aren't “it.” Whew.
We'll go home when we're done playing!
If she wants us home faster, she can help me look...
Eeek! ...Will you stop that!?
Oh, for the love of─ But I'm glad that they're safe. Thank you.
I may be a bit too cautious, I admit. But you must understand, we have no way of knowing what's going on above. When that monster suddenly appeared in the sky, I didn't know what to think. And what if there are more?
I'm their mother─it's my job to keep them safe. And I will. Oh, I am going to make them scrub so many pots for this...