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I can sense her presence, albeit faintly.
Come on, let's look over by the crystal wall.
She was here. On the top of this building...
What happened? I remember speaking with Minfilia...and then...
Is something wrong?
What will you say?
Answer 1
!Your hair, it's changed.
!Your eyes, they've changed.
A parting gift, I think.
Until now, I've walked the path she set before me. The path she set before all the Minfilias.
But she's given me a new path─a new life─that I can call my own.
And even though she's gone, I can still feel her...warm and calm and gentle.
I can feel the beating heart of the world, the Light that swells within it.
And the Lightwardens. There's one here in Amh Araeng.
Let's hurry back. The others need to know.
You don't think Thancred will be angry with me, do you?
What will you say?
Answer 1
!It's what Minfilia wanted. I'm sure he'll understand.
!There's only one way to find out.
I'd like to think so too, but... <sigh>
<sigh> I know there's no getting around it, but...
Would you mind going on ahead? I'll be right behind you. I promise.
I just...need a moment to think.
You're back! We were beginning to worry about you.
Forename! Thank the gods you're all right.
Thou art returned. But where is Minfilia?
Welcome back. I see you fared better than Thancred.