Culling Their Ranks

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Here's what we'll do: I'll take the east side of the Inn, and you clear the west. That way you can have an undiluted experience with the resident terrors.
These marks on your map are where the usual trouble spots are.
You can assume that any beast with a white hide or carapace is a sin eater, but you'll know for sure soon enough when they come slavering after your aether. Remember: it's kill or be killed with these monsters.
Once you've slain whatever's prowling around out there, we can rendezvous back at the north entrance. Good hunting.
How did you fare?
Ah, I thought there might be one or two lurking on the fringes. Nothing out of the ordinary for this area...
I expect you noticed it yourself, but individually, these lesser sin eaters are no more deadly than any natural predator you might encounter in the desert.
It's when they appear in numbers that they pose a threat. Much like the voidsent, they have an unfortunate tendency to flock to the strongest of their kind.
Thus when a powerful sin eater goes on the hunt, it might be attended by a veritable swarm of weaker kin. Imagine an army of such creatures descending on a village or hamlet...
That's the basic idea behind my patrols: to cull their ranks often enough that their numbers won't be overwhelming when the big ones come out to play. And you've certainly helped on that front.
Let's report our victories to Tesleen, shall we?
She hasn't been telling you stories, has she? Oh gods...
Alisaie tells me you helped out on her patrol. You have our thanks...and my apologies for leading you from one battle to another ever since the moment we met!
In any case, I'm glad to see the two of you found each other. You have no idea how badly Alisaie has missed your company! Everything is always, “If Forename were here, he would─”
That's an exaggeration! And I don't sound like that, either! I was simply trying to view matters from another perspective, and I respect Forename's methods!
Ahahaha! Honestly, after seeing him in action, I can understand why.
The way he leaps into the fray without hesitation, it really is something to behold. I might be a little smitten myself!
Heh heh! I'm only teasing! Though I've no doubt he deserves all the admiration he gets. Just as you do.