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Dark as the Night Sky

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This page is a Stub for items and information from the Stormblood Patch 4.0 series of patches. Please expand it if you have additional details, or remove this template from the page if the article is complete.

«Serpent and the Sea of Rubies

Dragon Sound»

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Hello there, Forename! I must say, I could get used to life in the Far East. Unlike those in Ishgard, Hingans harbor no ill feelings towards us Dravanians.

You should really hear some of the things Karaku says; he keeps remarking that he wants me to stay here for eternity when he introduces me to new people. It seems he believes quite strongly that dragons bring good luck.

But what is that expression I see on your face? Could it be jealousy? Oh, Forename, do not worry yourself. You shall be just as popular here one day!

More importantly, one of the new friends I have made through Karaku mentioned that he knew something that might prove relevant to our search. I was just about to go and meet him now; why don't you accompany me?
Quest Accepted
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Give me a moment, I shall call him now!
It is I, Orn Khai!
If 'Making the Catfish Sing' quest is incomplete. If 'Making the Catfish Sing' quest is complete.
Endless and most sincere apologies to you and yours for the wait, yes, yes.
Forename, allow me to introduce Gyodo. Do not be alarmed by his rather slimy appearance for he is perfectly harmless.
Endless and most sincere apologies to you and yours for the wait, yes, yes. What, what? Forename! Do not worry, no more betrayals, sworn on all the kami in creation I have, yes, yes.
Forename, you have already made Gyodo's acquaintance?
Come to hear about dragon legends, yes, yes?

There is a place that comes to mind. The Azim Steppe.

You can get there by following the One River: home to all Namazu.

Go way, way up stream and you will reach the Steppe, yes, yes. It is here that a monstrous dragon as dark as the night sky is said to slumber.
D-Dark as the night sky, you say?
No more information do I have. Go to the marketplace on the Azim Steppe known as Reunion. You may find the answers you seek there.
This could be the one, Forename. The Horde was home to many a dark-scaled dragon after all; let us hurry to Reunion!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
(- Xaela Female Child -)
Did it just speak!?
(- Xaela Male Child -)
It's so scaly...
(- Xaela Male Child -)
Just look at it!
Well, as these energetic children have come to me, it feels only natural that I try questioning them first.
Perhaps your time would be best spent asking some of the more mature Au Ra if they know anything of the dragon Gyodo mentioned.
Now, now, little ones. There is plenty of me to go around.
It seems you would be better served asking elsewhere.
A black dragon in these parts? Sure I know of it. The storytellers say the fiend awakens once every few decades and goes on a wild rampage. When it's had its fill of destruction, it returns to its lair in the northwestern mountains and slumbers.
If any tribe were able to slay such a beast, it would bring them great honor. We Oronir have had our eyes on it for some time.
Come to trade livestock? No!? Then piss off.
You are looking for the dragon, are you? I did hear there's been a sighting recently. First one in a hundred years apparently.
Not that I believe any of that nonsense! It would not surprise me if the whole story was dreamed up by some fool Oronir in his cups.
Woolen rugs! Fine woolen rugs! Bring some warmth to your home! These children are not playing nice.

I do not suppose you have fared any better?

And it's said to live in the northwest?

If the dragon has truly been sighted recently, our timing is perfect! I am glad we did not come this far only to find it in the midst of a deep slumber.

Let us head for the mountains to the northwest!

Now, now, children. Do you not think it is time you were making your way back to mummy and daddy? We grown-ups have business to attend to!
This seems as good an area as any to commence our search. Ready to get started, Forename?
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Well then, let us see if we cannot─wait, what is that smell?
Are we about to learn that the locals refer to this warrior as a “black dragon”?
<pant> <pant> <pant> Are you also on the hunt for this dragon?
Hunt!? Perish the thought! We have come to speak with it.
Now I've heard everything... Speak, you say? You may be calm and willing to talk, but I assure you that black-scaled monster is not in the mood.
It has thrashed eight of our finest warriors. We are disgraced, but I must inform our khan of the battle's outcome.
Well, he certainly was not interested in staying here any longer. Come along, Forename, I think we may have finally found Faunehm this time!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
Duty Commenced
It may actually be Faunehm this time. Let us hurry!
It is her. I am sure of it!
Graaagh! Faunehm, why...?
Duty Complete
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene start.
Agh! Faunehm, I beg of you, listen to me!

She's mad with fury. My voice does not reach her.

This clash will only end if one of you perishes.

Let us retreat for now and rethink our approach!
Player7 Icon.png Cutscene end.
We have come so far, and overcome so many obstacles. Yet, when we finally meet Faunehm, we cannot even speak with her...
My apologies, Forename, but pray return to Reunion without me. I need some time to take all of this in. Perhaps a spot of hunting would help clear my mind.
Yes, I am somewhat calmer now, Forename, thank you for asking. The key to all of this is discovering the source of Faunehm's rage.

Once we know this, we can decide our next move. Pray give me some time.

I will not allow our journey to end in failure.
Quest Completed