Do You Believe in Magic

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Oh, stranger, please, you must help me!
I fled here from Holminster Switch, but I lost my necklace along the way. I noticed it was missing as I passed the Church of the First Light, but I couldn't go back...and now the guard tells me that Lakeland is too dangerous for me to go and search for it.
I know I should be glad that I escaped with my life─and I am, but that necklace was a gift from my father, and it's all that I have to remember him by. If you can travel freely, then please─bring it back to me.
It must have been somewhere between Holminster Switch and the Church of the First Light that I dropped it. I know I was wearing it when I began to run...
I hardly dare hope, but...
You did find it! Oh, thank you!
I've worn this since I was a child─ever since my father first made it for me. The horn he carved for it was magic, he said, and would protect me when I roamed the hills.
I had thought myself much too old to believe in such things, but nevertheless─when the eaters came for me, I begged it to keep me safe one last time.
Just then, a young elven woman appeared, brandishing a glowing blade. She cut quite the dashing figure as she fought to protect me─like a prince from a faerie tale. And when she stood over the vanquished eaters, she smiled at me, and said, “You're safe.”
I knew then that the necklace had answered my prayers, for that could not have been anything but magic.
As long as I have it, I know that I will be all right.