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Flame On

«A Fish Too Far
Transcript may differ from in-game version as efforts have been made to incorporate unused and/or altered text.
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Excellent job scaring away that man-eating shark, friend. Although I suppose we didn't actually witness it eating anything, man or otherwise... Anyroad, I reckon as long as we have those Bombards at our disposal, we can breathe easy for the time being.

By the way, Master Gegeruju sends his regards. Seems he's quite eager to learn more about that flame dance, and has given you the honor of an audience.

Might be best to go speak with him now─he's not known to enjoy waiting around.

Master Gegeruju seemed mighty eager to learn more of that flame dance of yours. Probably best not to keep him waiting for too long.
Ah, the man of the hour arrives at last! Jiriri was just now regaling me the tale of your bravery and grace─a tale which I now see contains no exaggerations.
Everyone in Costa del Sol, myself included, owes you a debt of gratitude. I understand it was quite the display.
Indeed. Forename would have been right at home dancing along with my grandmother. He guided the Bombard to an effortless victory over that vicious beast.
Ah, yes, the dance! A most curious thing!
Jiriri has been serving me for longer than I can remember, yet I have just recently learned of it! Just how long have you been keeping this a secret?
I had only ever viewed it as a provincial tradition─not something that would pique your refined sensibilities, and certainly not something on which lives would hinge.

My grandmother told me that the flame dance began as a way to quell the fiery rage of the goddess who slumbered in the mountains of the southern isles.

It served not only as a form of protection─over time, new steps were added to stoke the spirits of warriors soon to depart to battle. Given those origins, it seemed the perfect fit for this unique problem we faced.
Grace meets tradition... I daresay it embodies the spirit of Costa del Sol!
You simply must perform it for me! Perhaps along with some of the other dancers? Yes, yes, with the graceful and lithe ones. I should very much like to see them swaying back and forth...
It seems Master Gegeruju has a...keen interest in the flame dance. I suppose it would be only fitting to let you do the honors─rest assured, your services will be well compensated. Will you oblige us?

Excellent. In that case, I shall see to the necessary preparations at once.

In the meantime, recruit as many dancers as are willing, and I'm sure in no time we'll have an entourage that will please this most demanding of audiences.
What were you two whispering about? Ah, I'd best not pry─anticipation is the most titillating part!
Let me guess─Gegeruju has charged you with some task or another. Well, if there's anything we can do, we're here to serve!
Oh, it's you! I heard tell you put on a performance so fiery it scared away a shark as large as a house!

Master Gegeruju wishes us to learn the dance? Of course, it would be our pleasure─it may very well come in handy the next time he's in one of his moods.

My word! The steps are most elegant in their simplicity, but the movements are as fierce as a raging inferno. Truly it is a dance for the season!

Now, everyone, let's practice until we get it right! Master Gegeruju will accept nothing less than perfection!
Summer is our favorite time of the year! We never miss the Moonfire Faire!
Ah, Forename, good to see you! I've heard the stories of your battle with the shark. I wish we had been there to cheer you on.

Wait...are you...? You're the adventurer who scared away that brutish shark! People are telling stories about you up and down the beach. I wish we had been there to see it!

Did you hear that!? He's teaching the dance to one and all! It doesn't matter if we missed the epic battle─we can scare the shark off ourselves next time it shows its moss-afflicted snout.

Did you see that? Did you!? I think I've memorized it... Oh, I dare another overgrown fish to try and ruin our fun!

Stay here while I practice!
W-Wait! Hold on!
Ah, warm sand under my feet, revelers frolicking about─and not a shark in sight!
And I see the summer brings yet another constant─when I heard you had arrived I knew we had nothing to worry about. I would like to thank you personally for your efforts in driving that beastly predator back to the depths.
It reminds me of my days with the Cascadiers, when we beat the Bombards back by the skin of our teeth. What a reversal that this year our former foes would play a part in our salvation!
So you're the man Haermaga has been gushing about, and with good reason─from how he tells it, you single-handedly drove that ill-mannered predator back to the depths where it belongs.
Your heroics bring me back to the days of the Cascadiers, when we drove back the Bombard menace by the skin of our teeth. What a reversal that this year our former foes would play a part in our salvation!
Say again? You want to teach me this flame dance? Well, I suppose as one of the chaperones of the festivities, I should know the steps by which they were saved. Wouldn't you agree, Beaudefoin?
Now that's a dance! Graceful yet powerful, refined yet torrid─it is summer embodied!
Its simplicity belies the power of its motions. I must admit, I'm somewhat hesitant to perform such a dance in front of Master Gegeruju, but as long as I'm not alone I'm sure I'll overcome my stage fright.
But first, we must practice!
I never imagined so many would be so eager to learn the flame dance. Thank you. If only my grandmother were here to see this...I have no doubt it would bring a smile to her face.

While even a single dancer can make a strong impression, compared to a group performing in unison they are as a candle before a blazing bonfire. I've arranged matching attire for each of you, that your fire might burn ever brighter.

Once you've dressed for the occasion, meet us on the beach and we shall usher in the arrival of peace to the Moonfire Faire!
Finally, the moment is at hand! I pray this dance is as every bit as invigorating as I've been led to believe!
Now that's more like it! People frolicking on the sand, dancing their hearts out--and not a single fin in sight!
I shudder to think of a summer without the Moonfire Faire, and thanks to your efforts I no longer have to. Costa del Sol is in your debt, adventurer.
She's a cute critter, eh? If you want one for yourself, the Endeavor is always lookin' for passengers!
The Bombardiers yet have a duty to fulfill, for none can say when the next predator will emerge from those benighted depths.
My lovely bomb went kaboom--bang, pow, kaboom! It will be some time before Ba Go outdos himself this time, heaheahe!
My brother dances more gracefully than I do! No shark will be ruining our good time!
This dance will keep me and mine safe!